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From Focusrite Voicemaster to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?


Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to connect my Focusrite Voicemaster to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone for recording. The connection goes like this:

Microphone -> Focusrite -> Focusrite Headphone out TRS cable -> TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter -> TRRS to USB-C Adaptor -> Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Connecting Roland Octa capture to Otari MX5050

So I wanted to run some audio to my 1/4" tape machine. The Roland manual states that there are "audio outs" in the rear of the unit - they are balanced/unbalanced jacks 1/4". TS or TRS.

I've used them before for headphone monitoring etc. The manual states 0DBu nominal level, so I suppose this is under line level 4 dbu.


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