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Preamp and A/D converter ideas


I have a question for you guys.
For our archive digitizing works, we are currently using a couple of Neve 1073DPD.
We will be needing 4 new channels, which would mean 2 other 1073 for around 5000$.
So I was wondering if you guys would have any ideas of some other gear that could do the trick for a little less money.
It could be an interface (all included), some other preamp+converter (standalone) or even preamps and converters (separately).

Antelope Pure2 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock

Man, Antelope Audio is on Fire!

Reverb Warning!


Los Angeles, October 7, 2014 — As part of a multi-dimensional product unveiling at the 137th International AES Convention, leading professional audio gear manufacturer Antelope Audio introduces Pure2, a mastering-grade 24/192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master clock and USB Interface.

Converting & Clocking Pedigree that is Purely Antelope

Affordable choices of AD converter for ISA 2 and is it a bad idea to buy used?

Hi to all !

It has been suggested to me that a quality converter could be a better choice for my ISA 2 than plug it to my Liquid Saffire 56 input. So I'm looking for a better converter than those in the saffire. (at least a bit better cause the line input seem not to go directly to the converter but to some part of the preamp.)

I'll still use the saffire as the main audio interface but I'd like to send an already ISA converted signal to the S/PDIF input of the saffire. (if this all make sense)

Matching AD/DA converter for DAV BG1U


I have a DAV BG1U and Neumann TLM102 which I'm getting along with greatly and relying on my Echo Layla 3G for the AD/DA. I believe my setup will be improved by an outboard ADC but I'm having a little trouble finding something suitable to match.

My original though was an RME ADI2 but I do have a little more in budget that I could play with. I considered the Benchmark ADC but I think it may be a little OT for my needs (inc price) and the Larvy AD10 interested me, but again probably OT and I kinda feel the emulation modes are a waste of money.

Startech video converter - anyone know how to shift the raster?


I have a Startech conv-cpnt2dvi box, which converts Component vid > DVI. It works just fine, save for the raster is shifted a little too high. I would like to shift it down, and am looking for a set screw - probably on the circuit board - that will do this. I took a look at the manual and spec sheet, but there is nothing there. I can call them on Mon, but as they do not make the product anymoe, I have a feeling they are not going to be able to help. Was hoping someone here might have some idea.

Thank in advance.

8 channel preamp/converter, to use as stand alone pre converter and DAW interface

Please i am looking for any suggestion about a good quality audio interface to use as stand alone preamp / converter (lightpipe) for my ALESIS HD24 (8 channel) and as daw interface with logic or Pro Tools on mac book pro, via FW,
is there something around?


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