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Pre amps & a/d converters

Hi i Just have two questions
I have a small studio setup mainly for recording vocals/acoustic guitar...

1. I have currently have a warm audio tone beast pre amp and have seen a phoenix drs mark 2 stereo pre amp selling for £1000 (half price as new model is coming out) ..I'm just wondering if theres much difference in quality between the two pre amps ?

Preamp and A/D converter ideas


I have a question for you guys.
For our archive digitizing works, we are currently using a couple of Neve 1073DPD.
We will be needing 4 new channels, which would mean 2 other 1073 for around 5000$.
So I was wondering if you guys would have any ideas of some other gear that could do the trick for a little less money.
It could be an interface (all included), some other preamp+converter (standalone) or even preamps and converters (separately).

Orion 32 and MADI

Hello ladies and gents. My Orion 32 keeps disconnection via USB so I was thinking would it still work using MADI? Would I need to configure anything in the control panel cause sometimes I can't get to it?

I have a hybrid set up where i use a lot of inserts so would those be patched 1:1 in the orion if it's not connected to USB? I'm thinking of getting the RME MADI card but I'm not sure what to expect with the O32. Will it work as a stand alone unit?

Am I making any sense?

Any info would be greatly apreciated

Speakers or DAC what to upgrade next (1k budget)

I'm thinking of what my next move should be as far as putting my new basic rig together, besides the seemingly endless computer parts. right now I'm rocking an Avid eleven, and Focusrite scarlett solo interfaces, and Alesis monitor one speakers, with an avantone on the shortlist, and a Bose home theater, and various Bluetooth and computer speakers. this rig is a transitoinal rig, to use while the house is getting remodeled, and while i archive my old media. its a cross between general listening, problem checking, and getting demo materials together for eventual finished songs.

The Downside To Great Preamps And Converters

Since my recent acquisition of some very good Preamps and a definitive and noticeable step up in conversion quality, I've run into the "downside" of using these...
It really brings to the forefront the weak links in the recording chain - in my case, it's been painfully obvious to me that the overall tone of my acoustic guitar sucks.

Thoughts on digital trI'm Antelope Orion 32HD

Looks like antelope is acknowledging the uses of digital trim. Their doing it thru a reworking of thier dsp chip, as opposed to I'm guessing a hardware relay or something on some other designs? Also something that struck me was the guy being interviewed saying digital trI'm gets a bad rap becuase of headroom issues. This is the first time I've heard this, anyone else heard anything about that?

4:18 in the vid is where their taking about the Orion.