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Does repeated destructive editing of lossless file degrade the file?

(To be clear, I'm not asking if repeated copying of a WAV degrades the file. I know the answer to that is no.)

So, if I paste a bunch of WAV masters into, let's say, SoundForge, to sequence an album after mixing and mastering. And I do dozens of tiny cuts in volume, raises in volume, removing small spaces, adding silence between tracks, AND I HIT "SAVE" AFTER EACH little edit, will it degrade the file?

Organising Audio Clips & Editing Software

My main interest is wildlife field recording and have 2x questions:

1 - Whats the best way to organise the audio clips on the computer and also search for them, i.e. search for a particular species or atmosphere recording.

2 - I currently use Audacity editing software but this does have limitations. Most of my work is editing clips and mixing/overlaying clips wildlife recordings and atmosphere recordings.

Need advice on quick editing tool for mac

Hey guys, how u doin`? I`ve been working since last month, with Mayor elections around here. I edit and make the sound design for a specific candidate, and it`s all going to TV etc.

Since I record mainly bands, I use PT9, which is wonderful for my music recording needs. However, I see it doesn`t work for fast broadcast editing.

I want to create automated sound editing for live performance: let me explain.

The vision:

I will play to a click track emanating from a DAW. The DAW will be aware of a linear movement forwards through time (basically, a playhead moving through the session).

I play guitar through an amp. I want to record the sound coming out of the amp and send it to the DAW. With that input signal, I want the DAW to execute a bunch of predetermined things. For example, "Take the signal input from measures 4-8, copy, and paste at measure 16 in track 3, 52 in track 6, etc." Another example: "At mm.18, send midi signal X to the the pedalboard".

Midi Editing Paradigms

Please forgive my ignorance on this topic. There are some assumptions here based on the packages I have used. I don't like using the word "paradigm" but it fits here. I am using the word paradigm to broadly descrive the approach that a particular DAW has when it comes to editing midi sequence data.

The two major paradigms for midi editing in DAWs seem to be Linear and Clip based editing.

Logic fits in to the Linear category. Notes are lumped in to "Regions" and placed upon a linear timeline from the start to the end of a song.


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