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fairchild 660

I Wish...

I was telling Dave Hawk ( @dvdhawk ) this weekend about one of my wishes. And that is that I wish I had the talent, knowledge and ability to design and build gear, ya know, boutique type stuff like opto and tube compressors, EQ'S, mics, guitar amps, ... Like Marco (@pcrecord) built his mic - and I know his came in the form of a kit, but even that is amazing to me. He ended up getting a mic he loves, and he has the pride of knowing that he built it himself.

How They Did It (dissecting the recording & mixing methods

I thought I'd start a new thread, discussing songs we like and dissecting the recording and mixing methods used that lent heavily to the ultimate sound of the song.

It makes absolutely no difference what songs you'd like to post - any style, any era, any artist.
The only criteria is to be willing to discuss the technology and/or production involved that was a dominant factor in how the songs sounds.

Fairchild 670 - history and how it works

With the advent of classic gain reduction units in software/ plugin form, I thought I would start a series of threads explaining how these original classic units worked - kind of a "what makes them tick" series of threads, for those who are using emulations from companies like UAD, T-Racks/IK Multimedia, Waves, Bomb Factory, Steinberg, etc.

I believe that knowing how these original models worked, and what they were/are designed to do, will perhaps help those who are using the plugin versions of them to better understand them, and hopefully, to use them to their optimum.

Reaper stock plugins vs. Waves vs. Pro Tools stock

*posted this also another location on here. Sorry if i posted twice. really do not know where to ask this question at.

I am investing in quality gear now since i have advanced in mixing and production. I simply have not tried any other mixing platform other than[=" Reaper[/]=" Reaper[/] and its stock plugins. I few free plugins by Modern: