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Fender Mustang 1 amp - What recording gear?

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8 years 6 months

I am new to the world of recording and looking for some advice. I have just bought a fender mustang 1 amp for the purpose of recording, it came with Ableton live 8 but after messing around with it for 2 days it seems to still not be recording for me, even after reading/seeing loads of tutorials.

Can anyone tell me of an easier program to get to grips with recording? I've heard reaper is quite user friendly but thought id ask for advice before getting a program that won't do what I need.

Recording mexican fender Bass

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12 years 5 months
I own a Fender MIM Precision bass.
I want to get the best out of it that i can.
I record direct into my PreSonus firestudio although i own a crate bt100 bass amp.
Should i use the amp?
Should I buy new pickups?
Could i get a better sound just from using EQ?

My bass just always sounds muddy

Noisy Fender Supersonic

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15 years 1 month

I recently purchased a Fender Supersonic head. I know valve amps are noisier than solid state but the clean channel on the amp, especially the Bassman setting has lots of background hiss. Even with no guitar plugged in and the volume completely off, there is a hiss that is very loud. The lead channel is fine and I have checked cables, different speakers, different wall socket, etc. I didn't notice this at the store as I was in a big room with quite noisy surroundings. I took the amp back and they sent it to Fender who have replaced a suspect preamp valve and apparently tested the amp.

Fender vs. Jackson

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12 years 9 months
I am home sick today and it's finals naturally I had nothing better to do. I decided to A/B both of my guitars today with a riff that I just wrote and used the same exact plugs/settings on all tracks, even the settings on my amp didn't change.

Let me know what you think good or bad.

My Fender Strat
video from Audix

My Jackson V
video from Audix

Need Help Hooking My 60's Fender amp Directly To My Mac

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21 years 2 months
Recently i got a mac and one of the reasons i did so is for garage band. but anyways i recorded one song, did all the parts. it came out great. But now I'm working on a new song. what I'm trying to do is plug my 1960's fender amp into my mac so i can get the same distorted sound that the amp produces. the amp has a plug in the back for EXT. Speaker ive tried plugging that into the line in on my mac, doesnt register at all. thats all i usually do is plug my guitar or bass in with and instrument cable to head phone jack adapter to the line in, that works for me fine.

fender deville with a marshall cab

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21 years 2 months
are there any precautions which need to be taken when using a fender deville 4x10 with a 4x12 marshall cab (1960a)?

i just got a new deville and had it run to the marshall earlier today. i was a/b testing the difference between the tone (same settings) out of the fender speakers and out of the marshall. it seemed considerably different, especially when using the clean channel. the clean channel through the marshall sounded like a lower gain setting on the dirty channel, whereas it sounded all the way clean through the fender speakers.