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Need a FW Interface, but I have unique needs

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21 years
Or perhaps more precisely, a LACK of certain needs. I only need 2 channels. I won't be recording anything more than guitars and vocals (everything else will be done elsewhere). I'm using PC, Cubase, and the PC is quite good (Core 2 Duo, enough RAM).

(1) Above all, it's got to sound great. So if I need to buy extra channels to get an awesome sounding unit, then so be it. So I need killer converters and hopefully killer mic pre's (though I'm sure I'll have to skimp on one of these at my budget).

(2) I'd like to stay under $1000.

FW400 or FW800 to PCMCIA or ExpressCard Slot

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17 years 6 months
Hey guys -

Anybody know of a specific (Brand and Model) board which works well? I prefer the TI chipset, but have found that the RME Fireface is less picky than others, so any one that works solidly would be great!

Basically, I think I'll need a ExpressCard to FW400 or FW800 adapater such as the one located at this link:

8 pre's and a control surface---Firepod vs. Tascam fw-1884

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21 years
Hi guys, I'm new here.

I'm to the point where I need to upgrade from Garageband using a used MBox with no Pro Tools---into something a tiny little bit higher end.

I need more XLR inputs for full band recording. At least 8. I'm definately on a budget.
I'm not using Pro Tools, because it's just too expensive and limiting in the 4 input, 32 track max Digi LE setup.

M-Audio FW-410 doesn't work anymore

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21 years
Due to a possible hotswap (i guess) the M-Audio FW410 now doesn't work anymore. Normally when windows starts up the FW-410 also boots and is ready for use when windows has fully loaded.

Now windows doesn't see the fw-410 anymore. The blue light keeps blinking which, according to m-audio support, means that the device is not recognized.

I tried reinstalling it, following m-audio's suggestions, but it's just now working. I also tried to install it on another pc, still not working.

DAT transfers using Tascam FW-1804

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21 years
So I'm doing a project for my boss transfering some old DAT masters to Cubase to possibly edit together some "behind the scenes" type moments. Right now, I'm using a Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT deck and his Tascam FW-1804. I'm using the A/DAT (optical) out for the DAT deck into the 1804, via its optical. I've never used this Tascam unit before, but I have made some analog transfers with the Sony DAT unit, and has worked fine.

What do you guys think of the Tascam FW-1082

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21 years
Hey I'm building a home studio in my basement. Even though a lot of people say thats not a good place to work, my basement really fits the needs of a studio. I'm focusing on using software but needed an audio-interface. The 1082 looks pretty good because it also has mixers and other attributes that other interfaces don't have.

What do you guys feel about it?


Tascam FW 1884 compatibility ?s

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21 years

I'm a new-user newb, hopefully this topic hasn't surfaced as of late . . .

I'm checking out DAW controllers, and the Tascam FW 1884 looks nice, with the MIDI/Surround mixing/Preamps, etc.

First off, does anybody use it and like it?
Second, I'm running both Ableton Live 6 and Adobe Audition 1.5. Anybody know if FW 1884 works with these programs?

Thanks guys!

Simi Thanos
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