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Beginning of the end of computer based recording (finally?)

Check this out! The product itself is cool, but the implications are what I'm enamoured with. Computers are generally clunky, bloated, and relatively expensive. In my opinion far too 'open' for our needs in audio. I've been saying for years a closed, audio (video) only machine has a real place in our little corner of the world.

I've been impressed w smartphones and tablets ability to streamline the desktop recording experience, and in my opinion operate much more reliably.

Recording Opera Vocals

Hello Guys! I really need your help!

I sing opera and i am a lyric Baritone.
I' ll be recording lots of things as a Baritone and i really don't know how to do it but i know it's a little complicated.I have recorded rock,metal,pop stuff before but i know that this is a lot different.

All i got is 2 Rhode NT1 mics, one Shure SM58. My audio interface is Roland Quad capture(which has decent mic preamp) and i'll be recording in my basement which is 6 X 5 and 2,4 height Meters. 19,6 X 16,4 and 7,9 height feet. I really can't record anywhere else so it is going to be here.

EQ? help with this acoustic track

I'd be thrilled if anyone can offer advice with anything I can do to this track.

The situation:
The recording was made at an Old Town Hall in this room. It's so reverberant that when I got there to set up it was just the organizer and myself talking from opposite sides of the room and could barely hear what he was saying because everything was bouncing off the walls like mad.

The group is a 12-piece string orchestra that sets up in a semi-circle just like a quartet only much wider as you can imagine.

Orchestra recording-which hanging mics here

Some of the orchestras I've seen have engineers using various types of mics hanging from the ceiling and I've been wondering which ones the tiny ones are in this video from Symphony Hall,Boston. From what I've seen they generally use maybe a half dozen hanging across at the front of the stage, what appear to be "full size" small-diaphragm, omnis maybe. But over different sections of the orchestra they use small-diaphragm mics that look like they're no more than 2" or so.
In this video you can see a good array of them at :20 and closer detail of the tiny ones at :35

A Brief On The Use Of VCA Masters in a Pro Tools HD session

I borrowed this from the DUC. I hope it makes more sense than I do at explaining things. YMMV as does each DAW. I do NOT mean this as a directive to send anyone towards Pro Tools as a choice of their DAW. Since this method was taught to me it has opened up my mixes and made my work flow somewhat easier with drastic results. My point in the other discussion was more about results rather than what tool I was getting the results on. I have looked at screen captures of several different DAW programs and haven't found any of them that seem to have this function available.



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