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Phantom power lost mackie onyx 4080

Mackie Onyx 4080 made a pop sound and all phantom power was lost. Includes the 12 v. to the console lights. Any thoughts on where to look? Is there a fuse for the DC? I am searching around and so far cannot find a clue to what happened. Maybe we lost a transformer? The mixer functions fine otherwise.

Mackie ONYX 1640i home studio

Greetings and thanks for reading,

I am in the process of assembling my home studio around the Mackie ONYX 1640i firewire integrated mixer. I'm have a rack mounted kick ass PC assembled right now, running WIN 7 Pro, PT 10, and installing the Universal Audio UAD 2 - DUO PCIe card for plugins. I'm pretty stoked to get it all together.

Mackie Onyx 1640 i - searching for PC laptop with firewire!

Greetings all,

This is my first post, and I literally signed up specifically for input to my issue. I have the Mackie Onyx 1640 i firewire integrated mixer, and I really want to find a reliable, powerful PC laptop with firewire. I'm shopping online and I can't seem to find anything.

The Macbook Pro seems to be the only avenue, but from most of the threads and articles I've read, it is advised to stick to PC if you collaborate with others who use PC... which I do. Any leads would be appreciated.



Live event with Mackie Onyx 1640i, 10+ channels

There's a music event next week that I have to record, and I was hoping to get some advice. There will be about 10-12 channels (3 vocals, guitarist, percussion, and a few other instruments), and we are using a Mackie Onyx 1640i which has a Firewire interface. I have a Dell Precision 6600 PC laptop (8 GB, Quad Core i7, approx 150GB free space), and I'll be using Mixcraft 6 as my DAW. Few questions with my setup:

Mackie Onyx

Hey guys,

I have been keeping an eye on the Mackie Onyx firewire mixer. I would like to get something like this with Thunderbolt capabilities when something like that comes out. On the webpage, this line caught my attention:

Studio Quality Effects — Aux sends are routable to the computer, allowing you to utilize your computer as a powerful FX engine by implementing your favorite plug-ins in a live scenario.

Mackie Onyx 4880? HELP!

I'm a serious noob when it comes to recording studios. I do realize that most people are starting to sway away from analog mixing though.

First off im starting a studio and i dont know much about it. I do know i need to please all types of recording and I want to be able to create top notch sound equal to the best studios in the world.

iOnyx & PT-M driver

For those of you who have one of the new Mackie i-Onyx boards, it would be wise and prudent to register with Mackie and get this download while it's free. Mackie was charging for this Protools integration and likely will begin again soon. It doesn't really matter if you use PT or not, the driver doesn't expire and will be needed if you ever change your mind or decide to sell the board to someone who does use PT-M.