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Soundcraft Series 600 16X8 Balanced Outputs to Tape

Is anyone familiar with this board enough to help me?
I want to record 16 tracks out from the balanced XLR outs.
1-8 are "GROUP O/Ps" and 9-16 are "TAPE O/Ps", but they're paralleled.
I know how to route 8 mic inputs to groups 1-8. Is there a way to simultaneously route another 8 to the "TAPE O/Ps" 9-16? Or do they always carry what has been routed to the Groups 1-8?
Why is this that way? Why two sets of the same 8 outputs?

Lowering All Channel Outputs Globally in a DAW?

Hey Ya'll

Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question for some of ya:

I have a session with a zillion tracks and many with all sorts of fader volume automation.

Im running into some red in my master bus and am concerned about too many peaks when I bounce down the session.

Is there any way to notch down all faders globally, say a couple of db, without having to manually rewrite all the automation for all tracks?

I'm in Cubase sx3. I can't seem to figure it out.

Recording Pro-Tools Mbox Outputs back Directly into the Inputs for a 2 Track. [Help!]

Hello All.

I have a Hardware Compressor, and a Finished Pro Tools Mix.

Now I want to Run the Finished Mix, Out From the MBox, Into a HW Compressor, then Back Into The Mbox[Inputs] (2 Track it).

But when I do it, I get a loud horrible signal and makes it pretty much impossible.

I have heard that this can be done, but I cannot achieve it.

Everything is hooked up correctly (As far As I'm Concerned.) I have a fast enough CPU/Ram. I am using a PC.

Maximum number of seperate outputs from Ableton Live 8?

Hi all,

does anyone know the maximum number of seperate tracks/channels that Ableton 8 can output to?

The reason I'm asking is that I have a 24 channel analog desk and I'm about to spend a bit of money buying an audio interface so that all my seperate tracks in Ableton can be outputted to seperate channels on the desk for mixing purposes.

Hard disk recorder with multiple outputs for Live Performanc

Hi All,

I am currently playing with a band where we are using backing tracks live.

We have been using a Fostex D-90 Hard Disk Recording System but it is old and is starting to act up.

We are looking for HD based recorder that can play back 4 channels live.
1 - Click track for drummer
2+3 - Stereo pair for loops/backing track/synths etc.
4 - Subs and misc (if needed)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

The SwinginChicken

Multiple audio outputs of live backing track with video

I need to be flexible in my live show setup, so that I can have different mixes for various shows. So I'm thinking a piece of gear with multiple outputs like a digital mulitracker or ADAT would be cool.Some shows will need a full mix, others will need guitar, bass or drums muted, so that I can occasionally have a live guitarist, bassist, drumer, etc. I need to be flexible in my line-up.

Problem is, this device needs to be

A) portable - the smaller and lighter the better
B) able to sync to video somehow maybe via MTC or SMPTE to either DVD or laptop avi's?

Help ! All Unbalanced Outputs Yamaha RM 2408

I just recently bought an old Yamaha RM 2408 board that I just realized has all unbalanced outputs. I want to go to a patchbay from the board but I'm not sure if I should get tranformers for every output to switch to balanced or if it matters .

I'm eventually going into a digi 002.

There's also a patchbaybuilt into the board with Aux sends/returns and Inserts. All unbalanced.

I need to figure all this out before I go and plop down a bunch of cash on snakes and stuff.


Help With Mixer XLR Outputs Not Working

I am dealing with an older analog Tascam M208 8 channel mixer. It has 8 channel faders, four program faders 1,2,3 and 4 and two stereo master faders. It then has program assign buttons for each of the 8 channels so that either program 1-2 or 3-4 can be selected for each channel. My problem:

The RCA jack outputs for the eight channels all work properly. The 1/4" plug outputs for stereo L and R work properly. The XLR outputs for programs 3 and 4 work properly. But the XLR outputs for programs 1 and 2 do not work. In addition, the XLR stereo outputs are not working.

1 of the 2 MBOX TRS outputs is weaker all of a sudden?

i have a simple pro tools 6.9 / mbox / powerbook g4 rig with powered krk speakers. randomly today i noticed the right channel was significantly softer than usual. i got a signal, just super soft. one of my TRS outputs (line output 2) was like 70% weaker than my other output. it's not the speakers or the cords, because i tested them all through line output 1 and it worked fine. also, when i just use the headphone output, both the left and right channel's are fine.

Correct Routing Paths of Inputs and Outputs in PT

Hey RO'ers, I have been working with PT for over a year and have fell in love with the software. My question is in regards to assigning inputs and outputs in the I/O Dialog box? I usa a few of the plugins that came with PT in damn near all of my sessions and was wondering how to go about assigning the paths to buses of the plugs that I use most often? I usually have a session set up with three aux inputs; one with a Compressor, another with an EQ, and another with a Reverb; all are on buses 1-2,3-4,5-6 respectively.



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