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Pro audio topics on phase issues. How to avoid, fix and repair phase related problem when recording, mixing and mastering.

Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this? (video)

Polarity and Phase are 2 things that anyone who does music production needs to master.
Even if you only have a home studio, as soon as you start to use more than one microphone to record or if you are doing a lot of overdubs with the same instrument and mic.

Knowing what phase and polarity are will help to avoid mistakes that can diminish the sound quality of your music.

Eq116 vs ozone 9 FIR EQ vs mAAT EQ Orange for Linear Phase Quality

I love the eq116 Linear phase mode filters but I did some research I was told that "Maat EQ Due to the double IIR Filter the lowcut becomes a Linkwitz-Riley Filter. For me and many others it’s the king of the surgical filters and it can really work miracles." really have this degree difference between eq116 and maat eq orange or Ozone 9 digital (surgicel FIR eq) ?

Phaser/Flange everywhere.

Folks, no matter what app I use to record myself singing and playing guitar, the guitar always projects a phaser/flange type sound. I deactivate those effects in the given apps but it still happens. I am running Win 10. Any input is much appreciated. I know this question and my level of recording is not up to the standards of the forum overall but still would appreciate hearing from you.

Drum Overhead Mics Time/Phase Alignment


So for years now, at least since DAWs have given us the ability to move audio files around by infinitesimal amounts within a time line, I've both read and talked to other engineers about time aligning the overhead drum mics to the Snare and Kick...
I know there's also software available that can apparently time align those mics/tracks, although I've never used it.