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Recording the Harp Guitar

I've never heard one of these. Love the depth of the bass when it comes in. Looks like many of the videos I watched are using pick-ups however I would enjoy hearing examples of them being recorded with mics.

Any examples, please share.

isolation for recording guitars, acoustic instruments

Dear all,

This is my first post. Thank you all so much for an invaluable resource! I have read the rules, searched for a similar post but nothing was quite like I was looking for so here it is!

microphones to record classical guitar at home


Now I use Zoom H4n with the in-built microphones to record classical guitar at home. I use it as audio interface to record to Audacity, or record to SD and then import it to PC. Here is a recording example:

I am having trouble recording guitar tracks into Sonar X3

I am using Peavey ReValver Mk III.V as an effects processor and I am having difficulties coming to terms with the fact that after I record a guitar track into Sonar X3 the effects aren't recorded but rather just the DI signal.

Are there any FX that will create volume pedal swell effect while recording guitar?

Is there a way to set up a compressor or limiter, flanger or other so that while recording straight into my DAW (Studio One) I can get the feel of a guitar volume pedal ( as I don't have a pedal)? I know once I'm editing I can do fade ins and fade outs but wondered if there was a way to accomplish the feel while recording?

Help recording guitar using UCG102 on Nuendo 3.2

[I have tried googling this issue for several days before deciding to post this here]

I have a Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 that I'd like to use to record a bass guitar, using my computer running Nuendo 3.2.0.

Trouble is that I'm a newbie to Nuendo and cannot figure out how to record my bass from my amp's DI.