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recording guitar

I am having trouble recording guitar tracks into Sonar X3

I am using Peavey ReValver Mk III.V as an effects processor and I am having difficulties coming to terms with the fact that after I record a guitar track into Sonar X3 the effects aren't recorded but rather just the DI signal. I installed Peavey ReValver as an plugin effect inside a folder for use in Sonar X3 but latency seems to be an issue when I have 4-6 guitar tracks with PR as a plugin effect.

What should I do or check so that when I am recording guitar it is the signal that I hear from Peavey ReValver?

Are there any FX that will create volume pedal swell effect while recording guitar?

Is there a way to set up a compressor or limiter, flanger or other so that while recording straight into my DAW (Studio One) I can get the feel of a guitar volume pedal ( as I don't have a pedal)? I know once I'm editing I can do fade ins and fade outs but wondered if there was a way to accomplish the feel while recording? I thought maybe some kind of effect with a slow attack and / or slow release might work?


Recording Guitar using Direct Input

Hi all,

I'm a jazz guitarist trying to record a few tunes to post on my website. I've used iMovie but the sound quality is just terrible. I don't have any mics, but my Acoustic Image Clarus 2 Series 4 has a Direct Out option (XLR). I would like to record DI but am unsure about how to go about doing so. I assume I need to purchase an audio interface, but don't know which one to buy given my current setup. I have a MacBook (6 years old) running on Snowleopard. Any help would be appreciated.


Help recording guitar using UCG102 on Nuendo 3.2

[I have tried googling this issue for several days before deciding to post this here]

I have a Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 that I'd like to use to record a bass guitar, using my computer running Nuendo 3.2.0.

Trouble is that I'm a newbie to Nuendo and cannot figure out how to record my bass from my amp's DI.

good mic to pair with a Shure SM57 for recording guitars?

Can anyone answer the above question, mainly when i record guitars at the moment i mic my cab with an SM57, record the dry signal through my BSS Audio active D.I. Box and also record the Balanced signal from the direct out on the back of my Marshall TSL100 then blend the Direct out signal with the SM57 signal.

If this does not give me what i want i still have the D.I.'d signal to fall back on for running through Pod Farm plugin s.

Ametuer High School Kid Who Needs Help Recording Guitar!

I am trying to get the best sound out of my acoustic electric guitar. I know using a studio mic would get a better sound but this is what I have. I'm running it straight through the interface but it sounds kinda bad. I was wondering if there are any good VST's that can help or any suggestions to what I can do to better the sound! Thanks!