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AE History...Does Anyone Know?

Lately I have been listening to the Santana albums recorded in the late 70's. Particularly the albums Festival, Moonflower, Inner Secrets, and Marathon. I was wondering if any of the members on here had worked with any of those recording sessions and can provide any information as to how they were tracked and mixed.

Mixing Critique

hi.. fairly new to mixing and mastering. Check out my mix and let me know what I can improve on. FYI, artist brought a YouTube beat to the session and didn't have wav files so it was a little hard for me to get all vox takes to sit in the mix so I fear it'll be either to loud or to soft compared to the beat. regardless let me know! Feedback is essential in my opinion. Thanks

Recording - Personal Projects /Your Band/Clients

I was just wondering what the other members do around here with their studios. Do you record your own projects and play all your instruments (this could include borrowing a friend), record for your band, or record professionally for clients. I thought this might be and interesting thread.


New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2014 - comparisons

Two bands coming at sound 2 different ways. It made me think, realize (yet once again), how we lack so much life in music today. One of these bands is so over compressed where the other has very little processing and fantastic mic placement.

Santana is all about dynamics. I listened to most of Santana then compared the same show with Christina Aguilera.