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how to mic an elementary school play

As a preface, I'm not a sound pro--more like a hobbyist who is getting a bit more serious about all of this (and who loves the tech). That out of the way, my wife is an elementary school teacher. Each year they put on a play for which the first and second-graders perform a play, sing songs, and do a bit of dancing. Last year the school was in a temporary space while the new school building was built and so lousy audio was forgiven. This year they are in their new school and they've got a beautiful theater which has decent speakers and a board but no mics.

Observations of an Old Schooler in the Digital Age

So I was tweaking tracks today, eventually I got around to the kick, and I liked it just fine, it was very well recorded so I didn't need to do much... but I thought about a trick I used to use back in the days of 12 ft consoles and 2 ton tape decks - and I'm betting that Chris, Kurt, Boswell, Boulder, Hawk, and other fellow travelers of that bygone age will remember this one..

Elementary School Turned Recording Studio

A very interesting place for a recording studio in Scottsdale, AZ. This abandoned elementary school was re-purposed into a full blown recording studio, complete with a photography studio attached.

These guys do everything from designing bands from the ground up, to recording sessions with members of Megadeath. The atmosphere in there is great. If you happen to live in Arizona, I'd definitely give these guys a visit.

Ametuer High School Kid Who Needs Help Recording Guitar!

I am trying to get the best sound out of my acoustic electric guitar. I know using a studio mic would get a better sound but this is what I have. I'm running it straight through the interface but it sounds kinda bad. I was wondering if there are any good VST's that can help or any suggestions to what I can do to better the sound! Thanks!

My High School Variety Show, & the dream.

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have been researching the tech of music for a bout a year, picking up gear like a Firestudio Mobile, Sm58, and other ways to satisfy recording needs. was the forum that seemed to have a Live Sound community. Cutting to the point..

The annual variety show at my high school is coming up. I'm been forced to hear horrible sounding mixes over the past years thanks to the great sound guy the school hires...and his "wonderful" speakers. This year I hope to make a band that is listenable to all ears. Here's what I got in mind.

Recording Engineering School?

I've been toying with the idea of taking some classes in recording engineering, maybe even pursuing some kind of degree. Does anyone in the forum have any suggestions about schools, etc? It'd have to be something I can do from home since I work full-time. Incidentally, I hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in electrical engineering from MIT, so I already understand the technology and the terminology a little more than the average Joe.



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