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Need USB Audio Interface with SPDIF

I have a trusty old Apogee Mini-Me pre-amp/compressor with drivers that don't work with anything beyond Windows XP.

For a time, I got away with using it via SPDIF  through my trusty old Egosys U2A - it's a cheap little USB Audio Interface which amazingly has both optical and SPDIF ins and outs and cost me less than $100 about a hundred years ago. (I know! Right?)

Basically, the U2A was doing nothing to add to the sound beyond passing through one digital source to another digital source. 

Audio card INPUTS : Which is better? 1/4" TRS and TS or SPDIF (coax digital)

Which do you think is better for audio card INPUTS (not outputs):

1/4" TRS and TS
SPDIF (coax digital)

1. The balanced input jack on the audio card is rated at being 104 to around 107 dBA SNR.

2. We all know the SPDIF input is basically digital 1's and 0's.

3. Both inputs are 24-bit / 44khz or 48khz

So.. which one do you think might be better or worse?

Would they sound different.. and if so, then how?

Mytek and Focusrite World Clock. Sync via S/PDIF vs BNC cable ?

So I just topped my credit card again, to buy a Mytek ADC 96
My plan is to connect my Focusrite ISA two to the Mytek, then the mytek to my Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 via spdif.
I also have a Octopre which is connected to the saffire 56 via ADAT.

I read the Mytek has a good clock so I want it as the master clock.

The question is : should I buy 2 bnc cables (mytek master sync sent via bnc to saffire and via bnc to octopre)
or buy one cable (mytek master sync sent via S/PDIF to saffire and via bnc to octopre) ?

Tascam FW-1082 S/PDIF transmission - in mono/one channel?

Hi Folks, Thats my first post, so hello to everybody. I need help in one case: I used to use Tascam FW-1082 as a DAW controler and audio card as well. Last days I've tried to change my audio configuration, so it looks in that way now: WinXp, DAW (Cubase) - firewire connection to Firewire 410 - SPDIF Out to SPDIF In at Tascam (coax) - Tascam Analog Out(L+R) to active monitors. Problem: I got the mono, or double channel signal to monitors, therefore it sounds in center field of acoustic panorama.

SPDIF and External FX Question! :)

Hi! Okay I have a Firepod and a TC M300 that I want to use as External FX in Cubase! I hooked up the M300 Via SPDIF to my Firepod. I've tried the set the External FX Send and Return track in Cubase but I don't think I did it fine.
When I Insert the M300, there's no more audio playing on the track or it plays but completely DRY.

Somebody can help me out? Thanks

S/PDIF to firewire/usb?

I am an onetime 2 inch tape time engineer trying to set-up my laptop. I have cubase, asio4all, usb midi keyboard - all running fine. I need some advise on audio recording. I will only record one instrument, or at most a stereo mix, at once. After much research I am still confused but have a couple of ideas of how to proceed. Any thoughts on these, or other ways forward, would be appreciated.

My Prefered Route

Recorded SPDIF does not sound as good as SPDIF Input

Recorded SPDIF playback does not sound as good as original SPDIF input signal

I know when you record analog audio, the input monitor always sounds a little bit better than playback from the recording, because there is always some loss.

My problem, is that I'm recording SPDIF and I'm experiencing the same loss.

I am using Cubase SX3, using and M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro. I bought the Fast Track Pro in lieu of a more expensive unit because 99% of the time, I will be recording SPDIF, so I don't need anything fancier.