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Help identifying vintage tube microphones

Hello guys!
I'm from the small country of Bulgaria and I need help from experts like you with identifying 2 vintage tube microphones that I've acquired recently.
Bought them cheap for $13 each. I believe these are Tesla made since there was a 3rd different microphone in the lot and its box has the same ornaments and finish as the ones I am interested about. I've disassembled both and they both have 5703WA miniature tube inside.
I am attaching pictures below.
Thanks in advance!

New Vintage Mic Day x 2

I am always a sucker for cool, older microphones that critics say still have great mojo. I was interested in enhancing my inventory of acoustic instrument microphones (guitar, piano, drums, winds), and read some articles about the 1970s-90s era AKG C451E. I found a pair for a good price, and just got them today. These small diaphragm condensers are modular - the preamp body is interchangeable with various capsules. I scored a C451E with a CK-1 capsule, and a C451EB with a CK-5 capsule (I can unscrew and exchange the capsules, as needed).

Vintage AMPEX 440 4 Track Recorder Problem

I just got a 1967 Ampex 440 4 Track Recorder and it has one problem that I can't figure out. When I press the play button or any other button on the control panel it the does the same thing. The rewind motor goes into rewind mode and the take up reel goes into fast forward mode. So, it is running in rewind and fast forward at the same time. Again, it doesn't matter which button you push it always does this. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Vintage Analog Hardware vs. Apollo & Unison Plug‑Ins

Published on May 31, 2017
In this video, watch multi Grammy-winning producer/engineer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, Norah Jones) shoot out vintage analog hardware to Apollo with Unison / UAD plugins. Features electronic-soul artist Jamie Lidell and an all star cast at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN.

Watch how Apollo stacks up to the real thing. Then read the full article here:

Vintage AKG 414's - cleaning questions

Hey guys...
As some of you know, I have 2 Vintage AKG C-414's with the original Telefunken CK12 Brass Capsules.
These were the capsules that were used in the Telefunken ELAM and the AKG C12 mics. The C-414's also used this capsule until around 1980 or so, at which point they changed to a mylar diaphragm.

The thought occurred to me that neither of these have ever had the brass diaphragms cleaned.
I popped the grills off both sides of both the mics, and the capsules appear to be pretty dirty.

vintage tube mics: worth it or not?

Hey guys, I'm working on a mix of my cover of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. I think the vocal might be a bit low in the mix and a bit too congested around 300-500k/not bright enough. I used my new Telefunken Elam 251 and for the price, I'm trying to make decisions about whether or not I should hold onto it or go with another vintage tube that suits my voice. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


DAvid Korn

Indie Rock with vintage vibe (recorded and being mixed on a budget, at home)

I'm recording, producing and recording by myself, and on a budget, by just studying tutorials and asking for help on forums, so I'm really needing feedback in order to procceed. Can you guys listen to my mix? (Actually this is something I'm doing in order to sound pleasant and then record vocals, but it is also something that is starting to sound interest and helping me define which sounds I want for my EP)

Would you guys help me by listening to it and giving you 2 cents about it?

Attention: it is a working in progress, clearly.

PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One

audiokid submitted a new resource:

PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One

Convology Vintage Reverb bundle for Studio One.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—July 2016… PreSonus® has released the Convology Vintage Reverbs Add-ons library for Studio One® 3, the latest in a series of Add-on products that enhance PreSonus’ popular DAW.

Recording Vintage Guitar Amps

Hey all,

A friend of mine made some great video demos of 4 vintage guitar amps from the 50's/60's. Recorded in the studio with front and back mics, a hint of compression and light reverb. Details in the article.

[="http://www.oneflightup.comau/vintage-amps"]Vintage Amps[/]="http://www.onefligh…"]Vintage Amps[/]

What do you think? What's your favorite?

The Silvertone is pretty cool I reckon!





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