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Tannoy Precision 8D monitor with stiff woofer?

I have an old set of Tannoy Precision 8D monitors that were stored for a long time and I want to get them back up and running. One had a bad amp. So I found a replacement amp and bam it sounds fantastic..the other one was working but sounded...well small. I didnt think much of it. Then I compared the two and realized I was getting almost zero low end. Then I touched the woofer itself and the woofer surround was so hard it actually cracked. I'm wondering what can be done to soften up the offer surround or maybe repair them? Thoughts? Options?

Subwoofer issues

So ive had this issue with my subbwoofer that its randomly stops sending out any sound.

it can be dead for a day or two and then suddenly just starts working again.

Something strange that ive discovered is that it often dies when it gets a lot of bas thru the input. even stranger is when i put on some music with much bass and crank the volume it can make it start again. like a defibrillator can both kill and start a heart.

its blue sky monitors 2.1
tested with different soundcards & computers.

Best Regards Mattias

Please help me cross over the subwoofers

This is not strictly a monitoring or recording question but I am having difficulty finding a good place to ask this question since most of the forums I found seem to focus on recording and mixing rather than live sound.

I have begun mixing live sound for a band sort of at random because the drummer cannot run his gear while performing. I stepped in at his house party to cut the feedback and got nominated/appointed sound person despite my hearing issues and tangential background because there is no one else better qualified.

Live Location Recording - Hard Drives vs. Subwoofer Vibration

So, I preface my topic, here, by saying that I totally know that running USB 2 WesternDigital MyBooks for 24+ track recordinug is not the most efficient and reliable method... But It works very well. I have noticed however that when I use these drives in the club I work in, Cubase will sometimes stop recording with an error stating "Recording stopped: too many tracks recording." and either when the dynamics of the band change, or I turn the bass down in the house, the problems totally disappear.

Is there an equivalent woofer made for the Spendor SA 300 nearfield monitor?

I've owned a pair of Spendor SA 300 nearfield monitors for about 14 years and recently the woofers gave up the ghost. My question to you is do you know of anybody who makes an equivalent woofer that could be used to replace the originals? I did check with Spendor and (since they've not produced these monitors in years) they would have to produce new ones as a special order. The price given me was over $800.00 US per loudspeaker and I feel fairly confident that someone, somewhere, makes a woofer sufficiently close to theirs that it would make an adequate replacement.

Adding a subwoofer to my monitor system?

I've been mixing this Contemporary Christian CD and I find that the amount of true bass - say 40-50Hz and below - doesn't translate well to an environment like a car where this range is hyped. This hasn't been much of an issue before. My mixes of jazz, folk, Americana, etc. are pretty old school and don't put much energy in those frequencies. I mix with JBL 6328P's and except for this issue I've been pretty pleased. Mixes translate well to other systems. I have a lot of Arulex and 703 bass traps in the room, and while it is too dead to be considered a "good" room, it's pretty neutral.

power amp for subwoofer duty

i've been on a kick checking out power amps to run my subwoofers. so i've read up on a few things and here are some of the amps i'm considering to run 2 or 4 cheap subwoofers, each at an 8-ohm load.

Crown XTi4000
Crest VS1500 (if i use 4 subs i'll need 2 of these)
QSC RMX series

i already have an XTi4000 for my tops, and if i had 2 of them i would just use their onboard DSP for xover and EQ. but i've heard they're not the best for subs