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adapters for Manfrotto light stands?

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Hi all,

Last week I've been reading through all the posts in this forum (again)
Loads of knowledge, great. And some practical tips too. It keeps amazing me.

I am especially surprised (this time) by the Manfrotto light stands, as they are both tall and extremely light.
I am seriously considering buying some of these, especially the types: 004 and 051n (best value for my limited funds)

My question is how to secure a small boom/pole (


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Angus Fri, 04/07/2006 - 18:43
Do you already have the boom? If not consider a Bogen triple-T bar. I often use one with Manfrotto stands (mostly 3364QLs). It's nicely adjustable and mounts directly onto the stand using its own securing bolt - no threading necessary - and has three mic mountable attachments with a total of 25.6 inch spread. I'm not familiar with what fittings the 004 or 051 have but give the Bogen bar a look. Probably about 50 bucks. Also Wes Dooley has every imaginable piece of mounting hardware you could need. For a price...