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Hi all,

I'm looking to get a preamp, comp, eq strip. My goal is to warm/fatten up tracking and maybe do some basic mastering as well. I'd like it to have valves/tubes but it's not essential and I'd like the compressor to be strong as I'd like to experiment with harsh up front drum sounds.

I will be mainly recording vocals, acoustic guitar, elec guitar, drums etc.

I will be getting the Yamaha N12 in the next few weeks which has a Sweet Spot Morphing compressor, eq and good preamps so that should be fun. But I'd like to get one versatile piece of outboard gear that's analog and stereo.

At the moment I have my eyes on a TL Audio Ivory II 5052 and a Joe Meek TwinQ. There is a big difference in price but my budget is up to 2000 euro. I've also looked at the Avalon stuff but I'm looking for something with a little more 'character'.

Any suggestions and opinions would be very, very welcome.


Member Wed, 09/03/2008 - 15:53
Thanks guys. I've been in contact with the U.K. distributor who contacted the official Irish reseller and am waiting on an email AND A PRICE.

I will try to beat them down on the price as I work in a music store in Cork, Ireland and will naturally spread the word about the DVC as I have done with the Microtech mics. I'm sure it's as good as you all say.

Thanks again for the advice and opinions guys. The advice is priceless when there is no possibility to try any gear in advance. Just to let you know I'm going with a Yamaha N12, Adam P11a monitors, and the Langevin DVC as my uber tone machine.

Thanks again.


Cucco Sat, 08/30/2008 - 13:35
First things first -
Don't try to use a channel strip to master. It's not worth it - it won't work (I don't care who makes it)...Sorry.

However, if you want one of the biggest sounding channel strips and, IMO, one of the best bargains in the audio business -
Langevin DVC. With the dollar being weak, this should be a no brainer for you (if you can get it on your side of the pond).

The hand-wound transformers rock! It sounds HUGE on just about any source and the EQ is simply amazing. The limiter works TOO well (you can, if not careful, over limit the crap out of everything because it works so dang well).

Trust me (waving my hand in front of you in my best Jedi style) this is the channel strip you want (and no, these aren't the droids you're looking for).


Member Sun, 08/31/2008 - 13:36
Yeah it seems to be an all round good thing. But very expensive, well for my situation anyway. I've been thinking the Toft Audio ATC-2 would probably suit my needs well. I think, from what people have been saying it may suit me better than the Joe Meek TwinQ. But I really would love to get ANYTHING by Chandler.

I love the warm sound of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell albums. I know that the EMI/Chandler gear wasn't used by all the aforementioned artists but in my head that's the vibe I'm going for. But I'm sure it's possible with some ingenuity and experimentation. I have some great mics so we'll see how the Toft works out.

I've got a long way to go, but plenty of time to get there....

moonbaby Mon, 09/01/2008 - 19:40
The DVC is "expensive"???? How much is the Chandler in your part of the world??? LOL!!!!!
I have a Toft ATC-2...compared to the Langevin DVC that I USED to own, it is a total piece of crap. In fact, compared to a LOT of gear on the market, it is a piece of Chinese junk. It has basically fallen apart in my hands and I am very bitter about that. The Langevin is a QUALITY product that I sold to get a TRUE P-2 to do some choir/organ recording projects. I am "true-ly" sorry that I did that, because the DVC had character, the P-2 does not. Live and learn. When I want "clean" now, I go to a Grace 101. I am jonesin' for my DVC, which I strapped across the stereo bus of my Neve Melbourne I had at the time (as well as used as a channel strip x 2)
Listen to Cucco. He is wise. And stop believing the hype about Chandler.

Member Tue, 09/02/2008 - 11:37
Yeah the Langevin has had some great reviews. Well ALL the reviews are great. Just to mention I will be recording tracks to pitch to publishing companies and artists and maybe doing some recording/writing/arranging with local acts as well.

I suppose I could wait longer and save up some more. I would like one solid excellent piece of outboard gear. I will be recording vocals, acoustic, electric, bass, drum kit, keys etc. I'm nearly convinced. It's impossible to get my hands on any of the gear I'm looking at in Ireland to hear it in action.

The Langevin DVC is 1,949 euro. I have a Microtech Gefell UMT800 and a pair of M300s amongs others, so I want something excellent to run them through. This is such a head wreck haha. But thanks for the candid opinions guys.

Is the Langevin any good on drum kit?