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What is a half track 2 trac recorder

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I'm new to the recording field and trying to learn all I can. What exactly is a half track 2 track recorder? I know it's a reel to reel deck, but what is the half track all about. Is this used to record your final mix on?



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Member Tue, 07/15/2003 - 20:56
a half-track deck differs from a normal stereo tape recorder in that the tape is recorded in one direction only (you can't flip the tape over, unless you want to hear it backwards!): half of the tape width is used for the left channel and half for the right.

On a regular stereo deck, the tape is actually divided into four tracks - tracks one and three are left and right in one direction, and then when you flip the tape over, tracks two and four become left and right in the other direction.

The advantage in a regular stereo deck is you get twice as much recording time on a reel of tape. the advantage on a half track is you get twice the width to record on, and with tape, everything else being equal, wider is better for sound quality.

i should add that the only tape i use these days is the sticky kind, so you oxide-heads out there:
feel free to jump in and give an expert answer!

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Member Tue, 07/15/2003 - 22:50
Thanks little dog, I just bought a Fostex A2 half track stereo recorder off of ebay. I am glad it will provide me with good sound quality. I love analog stuff, nothing like that good ole tape saturation. Next question, does anyone know much about this particular model of Fostex?

Keith :p: