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general questions/when to talk to labels

I am developing 2 CD projects with a partner and various guest musicans and artists in the world music fusion vein.

One CD is about 80% completed. The other about 20%.

The yearly world music conference is happening in Sevilla Spain - and my partner and I will be attending.

There are over 400 labels there -

The question I have is - given the completion level of the projects-
What might be good opportunities that a large industry conference might offer?
What are good approaches to labels (aside from "carefully" :) )?
What are key items to have prepared?

I know this is super general - but if anyone cares to lend some experience/wisdom to our situation - appreciated.



remainanon Sun, 10/19/2003 - 02:50
You know, I'm new here but a veteran of the business. I'm sure others will chime in with advice, but I'd like to start with a couple of points I've found useful.

1. Try very hard to allow yourself flexibility as regards timeframe. Which is to say, don't be in a hurry if you can possibly avoid it. So much of getting a good label affiliation has to do with timing issues outside of your control - the label's situation, recent noteworthy events in the life of your artist, fortuitous chatter amongst colleagues. This can happen right away, or it can take months or years. If you have time your chances improve.

2. You'll be on the best possible footing with your potential partners if they come to you, rather than you going to them. However you can manage it. Presenting someone with a CD is a real long shot in terms of your potential with that person. All that changes if your artist has a known live presence, local reviews and radio play, and friends/fans in associated fields (publishing, film music supervision, radio, press etc etc). The sweetest sound you can hear is your name on someone else's lips, and if the potential label hears from someone else and decides to check you out you're in much, much better shape to make a good deal.


Member Sun, 10/19/2003 - 08:57
Sounds exciting! What I would do is put together the best "promo-pack" you can. Meaning pictures, biography, cd, video and buisness card. Put this in a very nice looking package and make a few dozen of them. Only pass them put to the top prospects.
Remember...Image is everything to these people and to put a great looking, professional package on their table is a perfect first step. They will look at yours before they open a single cd from someone else!!

just my thoughts,