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midman advice

hey everyone how's it going? i just bought a M-Audio midman keyboard. I downloaded some free synths but cannot hear the keyboard. I have an Ibook, the only audio card i have is the one that came with the ibook, can anyone HELP ME?

OR GIVE ME ADVICE on where to find free downloads of stuff? thanks



mjones4th Tue, 11/04/2003 - 08:13
Can you be more descriptive?

It sounds like you're trying to play a softsynth from your midiman keyboard. Is that the case? Is the softsynth a standalone program or is it being used as a plugin? You need to make sure the MIDI signal is routed from the keyboard to the computer, to the software synth. Are you using Mac OS9 or OSX? On 9, you'll need OMS 2.3.8 to route MIDI inside the computer. On OSX, you use the Audio MIDI Setup Utility.

Once you are certain you are getting the MIDI to the soft synth, you need to check the audio configuration of the software. In OS9, you will need to place the ASIO Sound Manager file into the ASIO Drivers folder. In OSX, you use the Audio MIDI Setup, once again.

Like I said though, to really help you, we need details.