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I know the subject is budget gear, but the voice of the budgetheads (of which I am one) is not necessarily the voice I want to hear on this topic.

I'm moving my mic selection up a notch. My LDC collection has been a pair of MK319s and a pair of Studio Projects C3s. It's been this way for a few years.

I now have a pair of RODE NT2000s coming. My plan is to sell the Oktavas, as I don't anticipate needing 6 LDC mics in the forseeable future, and I just don't think the 319s are that "special" to be worth keeping. I know I won't get a lot for them, but a couple hundred back in the bank is better than idle mics in a box.

Anyone feel strongly that I should hang on to them because ... "There's nothing better than an MK319 for . "?

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