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Reslo Ribbons

Hi all!

I've been using a Coles ribbon for horns and piano with great results, but I wanna get my hands on some more ribbons and the Coles is 700£ here in the Uk.
I've been trying to get hold of some information about the Reslos on the net, but all I find is pictures.

If anybody could brief me a bit on which models are the best, what to look out for, how they compare soundwise with other ribbons etc. that would be most appreciated!

Thanks a million!


Member Wed, 11/12/2003 - 12:17
This may not be any help. Reslo were very cheap mics often used for pa by those who could not afford a Shure (UK, 1960's). No idea re their recording potential, but I believe they'd probably sound OK.
They were quite tough. The standard 'small oblong box' type were bi-directonal, but there was a 'cardiod' (allegedly) model with the back blanked off by a 'pyramid-shaped' casting (filled with damping material?). The early version of this mic, which came as standard with a gooseneck, had a 'stepped' pyramid. This model used and abused by John Mayall as his main vcl mic in the early Bluesbreakers days. He held his harp right up against it, and blew and sucked hard, so to speak, and the Reslo lived to tell the tale. The later model of this 'cardiod' mic had a smooth-sided 'pyramid'. All models were high impedance as far as I know. I think the standard models (little oblong box bi-directional) were about 5 gns (5 pounds five shillings), and I _think_ the smooth-sided pyramid was 12 gns. I should know, I bought one and used it as a vcl mic for PA myself, but it was a long time ago! I stuck a crude popshield on the front of mine, most used no shield, and the ribbons survived. Spare ribbons were available.
Since none of this deals with a recording, non-close-miked situation, it may be way off topic.
The best ribbon I have used in a studio is the big heavy black STC BBC model, shaped like the sole of a shoe...amazing on brass...but we're talking a completely different world/price here!
Hope this was some help.

Member Mon, 11/24/2003 - 02:12
I have several Reslos which a few sadly need a doctor - so if anyone knows of any???!!!!

The Beatles famously used them at the Cavern, the small barrel type which I think was the most popular! I have yet to find the best pre for these little beasties but they are great things to pull out occasionally. They are very cheap and sturdy as hell!!!! They will handle snares and amps. I use them on organs (eg. farfisas etc) and building guitar textures.

The first time we plugged one in on a hectic session, turned it up and it sounded great and smiles all round as that was the perfect sound right there! Love it when that happens!

Although there is no noise they are not good on strings. And I dont trust many singers with them although I have done and it worked really well (despite me ageing 20 years that session).

Member Mon, 11/24/2003 - 08:07
If you do a search on the Tech Talk board, there is information on how to re-ribbon these mics. With a steady hand and patience it can be done - I have repaired quite a few reslos and grampian ribbons with success. If it is the transformer that is dead then repair is not so easy.