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been hmmming and hawwwwing over this for about year now I'm looking for another passive eq, i have a minimassive and a massive passive i find those two worlds apart. the massive has serious heft and i find it coloured in a good way but doesn't work for everything. the mini is my favorite eq bar none its just quite limited. any one use the SPL PASSEQ for mastering duties. Noah Mintz at lacquer channel was using one and loved it, however another engineer there i know much better said it was to be avoided, as it was rather soft. i like rather soft eqs that you can work with a heavy hand with thus my love affair with mini. any feed back?


audiokid Wed, 02/05/2014 - 12:07

I have one and love it. I actually have the Passeq and the Neos. Ironically, I'm selling the passeq right now only because I'm doing a big project that requires tracking and mixing gear with colour so I'm forced to sell a few items that I won't be using for a year. I'm selling it for $3200 USD. I even went so far to sent it to SPL for a check up and it will be back today. Its was perfect but did it because they are stellar to work with and it was a choice thing to do before I pass it on. Its yours if you want it. Its absolute mint.

The being said, the Passeq is stellar. Huge headroom and wonderful bass and mids. The top end is really sweet too but the low end is where that 120v rail really kicks ass.

I'm in Canada btw so it would be easy to ship it to you.

Will Broduer Wed, 02/05/2014 - 12:25

thats good to know! thanks for the response, ill definitely be considering that for sure, how do you find the build quality? how do find the thru tone? i have lundahl xformers in a few pieces of gear and the circuitry definitely imparts a sonic signature. any thoughts? I've heard the output amp is stupidly dynamic, high headroom. just to fill you in im running a small mastering house, im only really into passive eqs though i have a sontec 250 and a custom 3 band bax eq as well my favorite eq that i use on 90% of my project is the manley minimassive but its really just stellar in the mid band i end up boosting lows with the bax mostly but would like something softer than an active can provide..... thoughts? ive heard the PASSEQ is quite special for boosting low freq.

audiokid Wed, 02/05/2014 - 12:56

I have a BAX as well. Love it for the filters. Its all I use it for.

The passeq is better for the low end and low mid punch.
Its transparent but silk. Not a colorful EQ at all. A silky smooth EQ that you don't even notice in/out. At least not to me. I love the full volume control too. Its wonderful for M/S as well. The bottom end is huge and very tight.
The upper mids, around 4k ish are also really special for that presence.

As I speak about it, its killing me.

audiokid Wed, 02/05/2014 - 13:03

Will Broduer, post: 410201 wrote: ill definitely be considering buying yours if i arrive to the conclusion its gonna make me money lol

I hear ya! I stopped thinking about that one years ago, its a labour of love for me now. My last collaboration ( one song) involved over 120 hours. The musician could never afford me if I was charging an actual rate. The 80's were money making times for me, now I'm simply crazy lol.. I should just buy a bigger boat. hehe


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