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I've been experimenting for several years now, and without making this a thread of "boost this and cut that", "use this not that". I was wondering if there is a useful reference (book, CD, etc) for drum eq/compression/gate/etc available (in addition to my ears and creative experimentation).

I'm hoping for something with just enough detail to point me in the right direction to achieve various sounds for different styles. In my opinion, I am already working with good sounds from the front end (DW Drums & K cymbals) and decent mics (57's and D112)

I REALLY like playing drums, and I would rather use my experimentation on that side of the fence, but (on the recording side) still be able to achieve great sounds for any style on a monents notice. I'm pretty adept at Micing to eliminate the excessive use of eq, which takes time in itself.

My front end is an old Soundcraft Spirit Studio board, thru Delta 1010's into Pro Tools. Any suggestions on hardware are appreciated, I'm scared of digital boards. which may be somewhat unfounded.

To sum up: I want to possess a strong foundation of EQ and dynamic effect principles which will allow me the freedom to be more creative when recording drums, making the best use of my time.

Thanks everyone, your replies appreciated.


anonymous Sun, 01/27/2008 - 13:24

Yeah, I was afraid of that. Yuck. Apparantly I wasn't getting the volume I wanted so I thought I'd just floor it and make up for low gain by adding some volume to the whole track... I carelessly forgot the golden rule of listening thru different systems before calling it a day... I added the gain via a different computer and didn't listen to it again until driving down the road. BOY I heard it then! I'll repost after I make the mod to my board to +4.