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Ribbon Mic Mini-forum

Hi all;

I'd like to start a sane, professional, civil discussion on the state (and spate) of ribbon mics out there available today. It seems like every time I turn around, there's a bunch of new ones availabe - some brands I've just started hearing about, some even newer than that.

In no particular order, and no particular model, I'd be interested in reading about folk's experiences with these, including bang for the buck, reliability, real-world results, preamp issues, etc. etc. (Anything is fair game, as long as your statements are provable or at least based on something tangible. Gut reactions are OK too, but no needless bashing or trash talking! Hahaha)

I've just come across some brands like Shiny Box,Cascade, (seem to have a competitor to the SF-12 going on, too!) Tripps-Crowly, and many other newcomers I can't recall at the moment. (Add your favorite here; seems like every time I look at ribbons for sale on Ebay, there's yet another strange new brand popping up.)

I'm sure a lot of these have at least something of a far-eastern heritage, let alone country of origin, but I always keep an open mind.

How about you? Any favorites? Dogs? Good experiences, bad ones? Mainly, I'd like to know the real-world difference between the big guys and the new upstarts. They can't all be as good as they claim, yet I'm sure there's actually a lot of very good and quite usuable mid-level new ribbons out there.



RemyRAD Mon, 03/19/2007 - 23:52

I don't think so, the 500 had a more tapered body like a SM58 has. This appears to be perfectly cylindrical? I think it's an M260, which I believe was slightly larger than the M160 (I own four 160's and remember seeing a 260)? Which was like the little brother to the M160. The 160 uses a dual ribbon element where the 260 uses a single ribbon element. Those model numbers? Go figure? Maybe Beyer thought, if it has a higher model number you'de think you're getting more and paying less?

Yahh est goot
Ms. Remy Ann David



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