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Setting up home and equipment help....

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hello everyone, this is my first post on here. I have already found a wealth of information after my discovery of this site tonight. Let me introduce myself. My name's Brett, i'm from Jax Florida and i'm in a band Post Faction. We've been touring/playing for a few years now, recorded a few EP's with some well known producers, and now i'm ready for the recording fun in the comfort of my home. To get to the point......

I recently had a computer custom built for me (tons of ram, memory, etc.) so that I could start some home recordings. Nothing too fancy just some simple stuff like using Adobe Audition to multi-track with a Line6 Pod X3 for guitar sounds and bass sounds and vocals due to the many amps, and vocal preamps modeling available in it. I am also gonna be using Beatcraft to do the drums. I have gotten very good results messing with them to get them to sound human with pre-amp modelling and stuff. this is basically just for me to record my song ideas, and produce them etc.

What else would I need? Is Adobe Audition user friendly, but also professional enough? I plan on having drums, many guitar tracks, bass, and a couple layers of vocals. Would you recomend I do anything different? The reason i'm chossing this roiute is i'll only be spending about $700.....

As you can see I have many questions, and I have many more than this but this is a starting point. Thank you to anyone patient enough to help me!