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What the hell is wong with Logic 8 ?

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Hi people,


I've recently installed logic 8 on my ppc dual 2.7Ghz 3ram ...
I've noticed the program distributes cpu usage very unevenly. So i get 1 processor working like mad and the other hardly doing a thing. This leads to process overloading with barely 15 tracks and starts to seriously harm the quality of the sound!

In logic 7 / 7.2 , the cpu usage is much more even and thus allows me to go up to almost 150 channels without any process overload...
I can understand if logic 8 is more cpu hungry than logic 7 but just don't think this is the issue here.


When it comes to ram usage, i find Logic 7 only uses 1/3 of my 3 gig. Logic 8 however makes much more use, using over 2 gig ...

Will Mac ever get it right ? Will they ever acheive maximum ram usage and even cpu distribution for Logic Pro ?

My case is probably individual but i'd like to hear from anyone who might be experiencing the same problems...


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Member Mon, 03/16/2009 - 00:18
What the Hell is wrong with Logic 8.0.2?

:wink:I invite you to take participate in this same issue, Topic: "ANOTHER MAJOR" BUG at the Apple Community Discussions at:

This might help. I am having the same issues with Apple Logic Studio 8.0.2 all of you are in this thread.
See Logic Studio Apple Bugs:

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Member Sat, 11/24/2007 - 23:06
Interesting ..

Hi boswell,

Yes i think thats the answer ... Pretty cheaky from Apple since their computers are already so expensive ... Now i feel they're trying to reduce their computer shelf life by pulling these single thread tricks ... Whos the real winner in this PPC/Intel crossover ? Apple or the consumer ?

So now I'm left with this sticky situation. Ditch a very expensive, top of the range, powerful and capable computer that i bought 3 years ago for almost 3 grand, only to pay for another 3 grand computer, three years later just to keep uptodate with a single peace of software that could easily run with what power i already have ...

Well, based on my sole experience i only have 1 peace of advice for anyone running on a Mac PPC : Don't upload logic 8 cause it ain't worth it. The new features won't make up for the major loss in processing power. Besides, most of the updates concern the interface, so if you're flying on logic 7 the new features on 8 won't help you gain any real time ....

Logic 7 is still better on PPC than 8 is in my opinion .... Get an Intel Mac or forget about Logic Pro 8 ...

PS: Why change something thats works perfectly anyway .....

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VonRocK Sat, 11/24/2007 - 23:43
The average useful life of a computer is three years for a home user. You invested what you must consider to be a considerable amount of money in the hardware and software. Now, three years later, at a cost of less than 3 bucks a day, I'd say you got a hell of a bargain. Not to mention that it still works "perfectly" for you.

So what are you complaining about? Oh right, the new stuff doesn't work as well as you would like it to work with your old stuff. But the stuff you bought still works perfectly.

I'm currently looking for a teeny tiny violin plug in to play some sad, sad music for you.

Like most ppc mac owners who are used to pushing their systems for years and years, you will have to make the switch to intel soon enough. You cannot expect them to develop new software for old hardware for very much longer. It's been almost two years since Apple made the big switch.

But don't fret.. have you gone down and looked at some of the new hardware? It's pretty darn sweet.

P.S. You could always go the windows route if you are unhappy with Apple.

P.s.s. I just read your original post again. It's good advice. Buy a new intel mac if you want to use Logic 8.

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Member Sun, 11/25/2007 - 06:02
Hi VonRock,

Thanks for your reply... I agree with everything you say ... But i am not arguing that .... You have spoken a well known truth that all PPC users should be aware of and its good to mention again.

And what the hell, "Why change something thats works perfectly anyway ....."

I just find it suprising that logic pro 8 is not working as well on PPC compared with an Intel when it is supposed to be uni-binary ... and thus equally as functional on both systems ... I've taken a little peak myself due to my interest and this is what i find... thats all

Who knows, a forthcoming 8.1 update might sort it out...afterall its the first release and we all know how buggy they can be ..

The multi/single thread thing is also good point made by Boswell and something i was quiete unaware of and will try to learn more about :) thanks again matey.

I'd say that Apple stations are very good computers and for the moment i am very happy with mine ... As you say less than 3 units a day for a killer peace of hardware is nothing at all (thanks for puttingthat into context its makes real sense)
Logic really works for me, i'm just realizing more and more that i will have to wait till i finally move to Intel to rake the full benefits of logic 8 ...... But no rush ..... just a curious tek-head ;)

BTW I could really do with a teeny tiny violin plug, do you know where i can find one ? ... only kidding ;) Have a nice one and thanks for the post

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Member Mon, 12/03/2007 - 11:34
Hi gdoubleyou,

No i'm using Tiger .... I'm reluctant to install Leorpard for the moment .... I'm gonna wait for the 1st fix before installing ..... You know how it is ... I've had problems meerly updating tiger where some plugins stop working ( like the OhmBoyz by Ohmforce), putting in real danger some very important projects ...

I think i'm getting closer to the truth now .... Logic Pro 8 is i think multithread on PPC using Tiger .... Its some of the 3rd party plugins that arouse processing problems relating to multithreading ...

I know of 2 so far : Albino 3 and Octopus (both i think from the same designers ...) I have not checked if they have put out any updates but there you go.

Some plugins, althought universal binary ... still have trouble adapting to upgraded software namely L7 to L8.

L8 is i think more intel focused so one must expect to buy an Intel Mac to make full advantage of L8's potentials.

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Member Tue, 11/27/2007 - 05:00
Hi mate,

Now thats very interesting ....What PPC do you have ? A Quad or a dual core?
Tell me, do you know of an option on logic or OSX that might help me determine how much ram and cpu is used by a particumar program or is that all left to logic to decide ?
The latest Pro app i have even though its for final cut and is not making any diffrence ...