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analog noise reduction, Telcom C-4

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I have an oppurtunity to buy a system of Telcom C4 noise reduction units. (It's not the kind of deal that I can try them out, and then decide if I want to buy.) Does anybody have any experience with these? Almost everything on the web that I can find is in German. I am curious to know how the sound compares to the various dolby Noise reduction units.
thank you.


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21 years 2 months

archived member Wed, 01/16/2002 - 03:43
well, I work since a long time with telcom c4 and it is almost on the same level, in my opinion better than dolby sr. German radio stations use it as standard for their analog tape recorders. The problem is, that they don´t build it anymore, so getting support can be a bit difficult. Last time I needed some, I got it in Northern Germany at a new (in 1998) company even named "telcom c4". But all I can say is: If you can get it for a good price with a maintenance manual, get it! It´s sound-quality is on highest level.

Greetings, Christoph