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Anyone compare the Lynx Aurora 16 to Echo AudioFire 12?

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The prices are spectacularly different, but what about the quality. I'm sure the Lynx is great, but I've only heard one comment about the Echo which was very complimentary.
Anyone out who has used both?


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Cucco Thu, 03/13/2008 - 07:34

I take a little issue with the rather unqualified answers.

To simply dismiss the Echo for example...on what grounds. Have you owned, used or experimented with it?

Your comment regarding the Lynx versus the RME is about as useless as any I've ever seen.

What makes a converter a "better" AD/DA?

I've owned and used extensively both the RME and the Lynx side by side (along with the Mackie 800R - which uses similar analog components and the same AKM chip as the Echo) and none of them were dramatically different from one to another. In fact, I'm finding that the RME, if anything, has the edge over all of them, but only by a little. The Lynx has a very extended top end but is a tad lean on the bottom. The RME has none of the leanness but also doesn't extend quite as much as the Lynx. However, the Lynx showed the potential of brightness due to these characteristics where the RME does not.

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20 years 7 months

glitchless Thu, 03/13/2008 - 08:41
The discussion will undoubtedly continue which is fine, but I did make a choice and ordered the RME as well as my new computer setup so for me it's all moot unless I need to add more converters which is unlikely.
Thank you all for contributing, I also read extensively on other sites for reviews etc...
Since I won't ever hear them in the same room recording the same material I had to go with a combination of head, gut, and bank account.