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cool edit and guitars and loops- noob q

Hi all,

basically trying to find this out for a mate- I'm a hardware guy meself.

my mate wants to be able to load up loops (or his own from fruity loops) and then have that loop play while he records his guitar and bass over it onto different tracks.

he wants something simple with basic functions so i told hI'm cool edit as I'm sure it has multitracking...but i can't remember if you can actually playback and record simultaneously onto different tracks- ie have loop on track 1 play it and record onto track 2 at the same time?

i know logic and Cubase will do this but as said he wants something really simple to operate and doesn't want to be bogged down by a myriad of functions (he is a guitarist after all :D )

of course if I'm now totally out of date and there is a much better program out there then I'm all for it-

any ideas?