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cool edit pro, question. ?

im using cool edit pro 2.1 ro record. my friend and i use a program to develop the drums and beats and save to hard drive. we then bring the drum file up on cool edit and record various intruments over the drums with cool edit. we listen to what we've done at that point. it sounds great. we then save the session as "save session as".
the next day i open the session again with cool edit and many of the tracks are out of time. drums are fine, but many of the tracks are not matching up are "out of time" with the beat.
is this a latency issue? the quality sounds great. just frustrating spending hours recording and having it not match up when opened up later.
i noticed when we punch in to record from the 2nd verse on on a certain track that maybe this could lead to the problem...

well, if it is a latency issue, what is a cost effective way for a computer stupid person to rectify the problen.
any suggestions would be great. thanks.


TeddyG Mon, 05/01/2006 - 18:41
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Member Mon, 05/01/2006 - 13:59
Hi, I just found this site today, looking for some Cool Edit info and happened upon your question. I have had a similar problem with tracks being "out of beat". Here' something to check (if you get this message):
In Multi track view (not edit view), after you record a track, before you do anything else, go to Edit>Lock in time and check off the Lock in time. This will keep your tracks in sync. Thereafter, do this for every track you record. This way, if the tracks accidentally get moved, and sometimes they do, you won't be screwed.
Hope this helps.