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db technologies in ear

hey guys

I'm thinking about buying the db 2200 IEM system. However it seems like only a few people use it. Why is that? Is it because they are crap? or just not very well known?

Normally I don't buy budget gear, but in ears are so expensive and since my band only play few shows it's not an option to buy something like psm700. Right now we are renting in ears but that's kinda expensive too.


Kev Mon, 03/13/2006 - 12:00
I don't think you need to go to the 700 and the PSM600 should be ok

These should also be easy for a hire if you find you have a fault and need one in a hurry
I've looked at the dbTech unit but couldn't finsd anyone to give me a real hands on opinion
I busting to see one of the budget companies to get into this so as to shake-up the market place
The Sennheiser Evolution stuff does look very cool but is very expensive

Is it possible for part of your band to stay wired ?

cfaalm Tue, 03/14/2006 - 02:58
Bjarne, I have the IEM 2200. My bass player has one too. While it isn't the best thing around, it serves me well. The nice thing is that you can choose your frequency, so you can work around those fixed frequencies of the rest of your band. I think the range is sufficient. I can duck-walk around an entire café, even went outside as a gimmick, and it was all fine.

Two things to consider:
I would recommend that you do not use the in-ear buds provided with the package. Those are nice for your walkman as they are from Sony :wink: . I use Sennheisers IE3. Shure E-3 would be a sturdier solution, for just a little more money.

Custom molds are mandatory I'd say. I have worked with foam and silicon buds but find that they almost negate your investement.

anonymous Thu, 03/16/2006 - 10:23
If you are looking for in ears, I would save up until you can afford quality stuff, and only buy it once. The Sennheiser Evolution wireless in ears are great. I've used them for a couple tours and love them. I've ran them from front of house @ 90 feet with no issues and ran them in Europe on a 70'-45' stage with no problems, just make sure you get the extra antennae's. As far as actual in ears go, Sensaphonics is the best on the market. Their sound quality blows away anything you can get, and they are working on a prototype with ambient mic's on the ear bud itself for 3D ambient monitoring between songs so you don't lose the crowd vibe. Unheard of and revolutionary. I use their custom ear plugs and monitors... I'm extremely happy with their products. Hope it helps.


anonymous Sun, 10/29/2006 - 03:36
I also use a IEm2200 along with my bassist.

With the additional receiver, bought extra, we both use a mono line, me left, him right and it works perfect.
SO we distributed a stereo signal into 2 mono. And saved 500$.
Prior to that i alonoe owned db's 2200 and went stereo.
Its a hassle. You really need a good signal chain, and get used to listening it to a stereo.
I was really bothered by it, and going to mono was more natural. WHat i mean is that if you dont have a good setup ( a good stereo mix form the FOH/monitoring desk) prior to what is coming into your transmitter, stereo is not going to help you a lot!
Also what i find great wioth the dB's IEM products, the bulit-in limiter is a charm. I have heard that soem sehnheiser models dont have it? I guess the less expensive ones.

On the other hand custom earmoulds will help you greately like cfaalm already confirmed. THe bass is a lot better even with the provided in-ears, but still not hi-fi.
FOr that i would go and will someday for the 300$+ range of in-ears.

As far as staying wired is concerned, i need to be wireless and the bassist, because we move.
Drumemr is wired and the keyboardist too. The otherguitrist stays infront of his pedalboard all the time, and he has 20f of headphone cable...

djrr3k, can you tell more about what you are using from sensaphonic?

anonymous Thu, 11/09/2006 - 22:11
I'm using the Sensaphonics 2X-S in ears. Dual Driver custom molded iem's that are sweet. They are 100% silicone, not vinyl glued to plastic shells like most (Ultimate Ears). In time and due to the oils of your skin the glue breaks down and begins to seperate the vinyl and plastic, not to mention that the vinyl will become brittle over time. With the 2X-S this isn't an issue because it's all silicone, it expands with your ears as they heat up during performance and that not only helps maintain the seal (which is crucial for frequency response as well as dB reduction of outside noise), but makes them comfortable for long periods of wear. You will need to visit an audiologist for molds which depending on who you go to can be free or some charge. The 2X-S are $750 (Ultimate Ears are about a grand), and they just released a new version which has two tiny mics in the earpieces to give you an extremely natural ambient sound. This stereo image travels with you as you turn your head and move about the stage too, just like you don't have anything in your ears, but.... it's at a safe dB level (if you don't crank your volume obviously)

Hope that helps, feel free to ask any more questions.



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