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DIY tube preamp

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21 years 3 months
Hi everyone!
I am planning to build a tube mic preamp. Where should I look? I found which is great but I wonder if there is some other great ressource that I am missing out there on the web. :eek:


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21 years 3 months

archived member Sat, 05/18/2002 - 17:09
Oooops !
I forgot to mention that I saw the Group DIY,
wich is,I would say in my french language, "Formidable! Magnifique! Super!"
Kev, thank you so much for such a great ressource.
I am just wondering if we could find a number of preamp schematics that we could all share.
By the way, is there any way to post messages directly at the group DIY? Please bear with me, the newbie at!
If I find something interesting at
I will be glad to share it.
:eek: :eek: :w: :w: