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Gate #2

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I've got a gate issue as well, but it is different enough from the other gate thread, that I thought I'd post it here.

I have a song with a very predominant acoustic guitar track that needs gating due to some background noise (heavy breathing from the guitarist...). It is a great performance so I don't want to re-do it and lose the performance, and while a bit of breath sounds can add realism, this is to the point of distraction. (we used an over the shoulder mic that was too close to the performer's mouth...). We actually recorded additional takes that didn't have the breathing (we moved the mic a bit...duh!), but they couldn't compare with that first "golden" take.

I am using the Waves C1 gate which works beautifully until...

At the end of the song, the guitar strums a last "power chord" that fades off into nothing. Unfortunately, as the volume of the guitar approaches the gate threshold, it begins to "pump" as the gate opens and closes with the fading chord. I tried messing with the attack and release settings, but thought I'd post here for a quick bit of advice.


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19 years 1 month

chrisperra Wed, 11/20/2002 - 00:13
i sometimes use the waves restoration noise filter. if you have a a bit if the breathing by itself it can learn that sound and filter it out fairly smoothly. you need to be carefull, too much can add strange artifacts to it. it's got a difference button that lets you hear what you are filtering by itself. attack and release times. so you can get in there pretty good. it doesn't work with everything though.

chris perra