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In an [=""]earlier post[/]="http://recording.or…"]earlier post[/] I described some problems I had been having. I initially attributed them to Pro Tools 8. My current guess is that PT8 was not my main problem. It looks like I was having a pretty common problem of a "Bricked" Seagate 7200.11 drive. Anyone with Seagate drives is well advised to check for [[url=http://="http://seagate.cust…"]firmware updates.[/]="http://seagate.cust…"]firmware updates.[/]

The good news is that my data probably is still intact. We will see how easy/expensive it is to get to. (That may be the bad news.) There are DIY solutions out there that I'm not all that comfortable dealing with, though they don't look all that hard. I'll see what Seagate says in response to my email before going further.


BobRogers Fri, 09/11/2009 - 04:10

Good news. Seagate came through. I started a case with their data recovery company i365 on Wednesday. Printed out the UPS label that they generated and sent it overnight. They flashed the firmware. Everything is fine. Made a backup copy in case UPS loses it, and are sending back today. No charge to me. I could have paid $40 to have it sent back overnight, but since it is Friday I'll put up with standard delivery.