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help needed with phantom power problem please?

i have a AKG c3000b condensor mic, a roland jx 305 groovesynth keyboard and a drum machine all connected to a behringer eurodesk all running into Cubase sx, everything works fine and have been able to make some good recordings over the years, i wanted to record a jam the other day with guitar, bass etc but realsied when phantom power is switched on to enable to mic to work as well, the keyboard distorts, the desk doesnt have a individual +48 for each channel and just an overall phantom power switch, how can i have both inputs at the same time without distortion from the keyboard?


moonbaby Fri, 01/19/2007 - 13:12
Does the Roland JX have an XLR output on it? If so, don't use it! At least not in this context. Use the 1/4" output to a 1/4" line input on the mixer. The only device that should ever be connected to an XLR with phantom power engaged is a mic (non-ribbon) or a suitable DI box. Applying phantom power to an active device that wasn't designed for it can bring great sorrow to the performer. Distortion, hideous noises, even failure can occur. Use the 1/4" line inputs for the synth.
NOW, if the AKG is the only item hooked up to an XLR mic input on the mixer, something else is wrong. Either the mixer can have a defect (Behringer? nah....), or it may just be a "red herring" in that something unrelated is causing this issue and making you THINK the phantom is the problem....