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How to use MOTU Traveler & Ultralite together?

I have one MOTU Traveler, two Ultralite, one 8pre and one 828 mk2 for a project.. i need to run two computers with 16 I/O each
i plan to use the traveler and 828 as master audio interfaces on each machine. i can't seem to figure out how i can slave the Ultralite as an 'expander' interface to get 8 more analog i/o.
the 8pre doesn't help because it has only two analog outs.
pl help..


Boswell Sun, 05/06/2007 - 05:20
You may be out of luck. Although the Traveler and 828 both have ADAT expansion inputs, I don't think the Ultralites can be configured as an 8-channel preamp with ADAT output. I assume you are happy with the Ultralite having only 2 mic pre-amps, the other 6 inputs being at line level.

You imply also that you need 16 outputs. This will represent quite a load on your computer if you run them at the same time as the 16 inputs, so you should watch for drop-out problems and latency issues.

If you want to use only the gear you listed, your best bet may be to see if the software will support two different types of FireWire devices concurrently, otherwise you may be having to hire or buy 8-channel ADAT-I/O pre-amps.