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Hello, my names Ben and I'm a newbie at recording so bare with me :P
What exactly does a product like the Digidesign 192 I/O do? You see, my friends dad has 3 for his studo and I was just curious what they exactly do.


RemyRAD Wed, 08/23/2006 - 19:01
Ahhhhh well those are Digidesigns 8 inputs of hi-def 192khz, 24 bit interfaces. 3 gets you 24 tracks of I/O or inputs and outputs. It's for use primarily in a ProTools system.

I know guys that are still using the 48kHz versions because their plug-ins don't work with the 192kHz variety but their recordings and mixes still sound outrageously good even at 48kHz. So your dad's friend has a bitchin' system. Start saving your $$$.

Not a ProTools user
Ms. Remy Ann David