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live to two track problem

Currently in the strange situation of having a complete 8 track analog studio without the 8 track. (it left with its owner). Until I buy my own this summer, I'm having a blast doing the "live to 2 track" thing. Talk about a learning experience! Mostly basic rock stuff: trio with a singer or two guitar, Beatles-like lineup. When recording with 6 to 8 mics to two track, there's no problem. But for some dates, we try and just use two mics. For instrumentals, the two mic setup works fine. But how the hell do you record a rock band with vocals with just two mics? Do I just try to capture the vocal sound coming off the PA system? Do I give up and add a third mic and stick that mic immediately adjacent to the PA vocal mic? Ibet there's a really smart answer to my dumb question. Thanks.





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