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Mackie 32.8 and Alesis HD24 Questions

Ok, so i am new to the recording world and i have limited gear right now because of limited funding. I am running the HD24 straight into my Mackie 32.8 for now.

Once i go to set up a track ill start playing and try to get my levels up to spec. As I'm playing the signal cuts in and out and sounds as if its clipping but none of the meters on both the mixer and the recorder are clipping. I checked the wiring and everything seems to be ok. Could my mixer be broken? Or have i forgotten something. Please help. Also what outboard processing would you fellow Mackie users recomend?


Davedog Fri, 12/01/2006 - 21:22
Firstly...Limited funding or not, theres a lot of records being made on the same gear you have. Maybe not major releases but still a lot.

I would hope you have all of your patches in the proper place. There are very few setups that are as simple and straightforward as the one you have.

If all is connected properly, then it is a cord problem or the HD24 isnt set up correctly.

All of these things are addressed in either owners manual.