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Hard disc recorder that works with old mackie analog board

I have a 1995 Mackie 24.8  8 bus mixer, I'm tired of my DA88 tapes being chewed up and paying Tascam over $300 for repair, so can anyone recommend a 24 track hard disc recorder that will interact with the old Mackie board and hookup to it?  Someone mentioned the Alesis hd24 BUT a mix review on that said" the HD24 does not allow multiple track takes"  what does that really mean?

Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

Hi friends,

there is a problem:

I own an ADAT HD24 and an RME UFX.

Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously.

After recording I use Pro Tools for mixing all tracks

How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven't timing problems in the postproduction or mixing.

Alesis HD24XR, Fireface 800, track, mix, monitor

Looking to get some help regarding my setup. I currently have an HD24XR, the digital outs are connected to the digital ins of the RME and so are the Ins. Total Mix controls the RME. I want to be able to record onto the hd24. When its full. transfer the tracks to reaper and mix.
Issues I have.

Alesis HD24 hard drive problems (and possibly more)

Ok, I've been losing sleep, hair and probably tooth enamel (from grinding them) on a similar issue. I've had an HD24 for 7 years. Power went out while I was gone for three days this summer. I had everything on an UPS. Which of course did not last that long. The HD will turn on correctly if the drive caddie is not in it.

Alesis HD24 Alternative

I work with bands that regularly require over a dozen channels. Of course the usual multitrack recorder has only 8 simultaneous channels--ARRGHH!. For me the Alesis HD24 is the GOLD standard. but it's a big leap budget-wise to go from a Boss to an Alesis.

I have a Mackie TT24 with 3 ADAT fiberoptic outs. I do not need the A/D converters that the Alesis has.

Using Alesis' HD24 as an A/D converter

Hi folks!

Is it possible to use the HD24 just as an A/D converter and feed those optical signals into some kind of ADAT2FireWire-interface that is connected to a computer? Or will the HD24's ADAT outputs only deliver a signal when the respective track is in playback (playing back recorded stuff from the harddisk) mode?

Alesis ADAT HD24 FTP and Write Protection Override

Hey guys,
been a long time! I'm currently working a gig as a second sound engineer on a cruise ship. With this setup in the theatre we use an Alesis ADAT HD24 to run production shows, as well as to record 'sick' tracks for singers, or if an act wants we can route from the (dated) Yamaha DM2000 console to the HD24.

Recording time on an Alesis HD24


I'm new here, so I hope that this is the correct place for my question.

I will be recording a live band in the near future, and will be multitracking onto an Alesis HD24. Having never used one of these units, my question is: how much recording time do you get? I'll be recording 16 tracks at 24-bit, 44.1kHz.

Any help is appreciated!


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