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Mixer help, please?

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to the recording business, and have a question. I am looking for a mixer, preferably 16 tracks or more, that supports multitrack recording, so I can record individual tracks, instead of an entire band on one track. I want to integrate the mixer into my in-the-making PC based studio.

I have looked at an Alesis 16 channel USB, but I have read reviews and said it does not multitrack, which is a big thing I need.

I also found this, the TAPCO Blend 16. From what I've gathered, it looks fairly decent. However, I don't know if I could record the individual tracks through it, and compile/master on my PC.

If anyone could look at it for me, and give an opinion, the link is

Also, if you could suggest mixers to me, it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, everyone.


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/24/2006 - 16:49
The Onyx 24-4, multitrack, 24 channels. You want effects for each individual channel, do it on the PC using softwares. Most mixers which have effects can only apply for the aux or main bus. Its too much for the mixer to handle individual effects, thats why the insert is there

But if you really want it all in a mixer just got to look at TT24, everything you need and don't is there.. indiviual effects, enough channels, choices of outputs however pricey.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/23/2006 - 10:31
hey even i am new and confused

my requirements are also the same
see i talked to the support agent of alesis
he said that
alesis multimix with firewire do supports multi track recording
but u cant apply the inbuilt effects of the mixer ..
i have already gone for it ... well i am just 15 yrs old and my dad has purchased multimix 12 fw and will b in my hands in nearly 5 days of time

but still i am thinking of goin for phonic helix board 18 fw will

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 03/26/2006 - 01:50
Well, for firewire i would go for the phonic, it has more channels more mic pres too... well I buy my own mixers and got to save up for them and bought it when i was 17... maybe next year maybe i'll sell my FX mixer and get an onyx.

I guess both mixers have their strengths (I know its frustrating they don't have everything in a product... marketing..) now you'll have to go through what all finanically-threatened buyers and analyse their needs... however I am not a fan of digital effects, just prefer analog. so I'll just focus on the EQ, pres, built and all the other stuff... Whats best if you can, buy-sell-try, or is there a loan possible to try it out yourself and get sick of it buy the other.. haha