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My equipment weak points critique

Hi all,
I'm just finishing up my auralex designed studio with iso room. I have some $ left over and was looking for any input into where I should invest i.e. equipment weak points. Here's my gear list.

Studio Projects C3
Audix OM-6
ATM25 Kick mic
Various handheld condensers
(2) Alesis 3630 comp.
Alesis midiverb 3
Mackie 1604
Edirol DA24/96 interface
Cubase SX

My thoughts are:
RØDE NT5's for drum o/h's
SM57's for snare and amp micing
possibly better converters? advice
(2) RNC Compressors
better preamps? advice
UAD-1 pack
Autotune software
probably need some drum tom mics as well, AT's?

I'll be recording Voxs/drums/bass/guitar/keys into SX and then handling all else digitally. Thanks so much in advance for your input in helping me. I'll be posting pics some time soon, its really very exciting after 29yrs. of dreaming of having my own place.

Scott :)


MadMax Sat, 04/22/2006 - 09:00

Congratulations!! You're about where I'd like to have been this year... but alas that's another whole thread...

I'd vote for a couple of 57's, maybe a couple of 421's and/or possibly a Shure or AKG drum mic kit. (I'm really lovin' my 416's, but the Beta 52's gaining favor as my goto Kik mic.) Maybe an Audix D6 to give you an option for kick and/or Bass?

A couple of RNP's coudn't hurt either. If you don't have a pair of the RNC's, you owe it to yourself!

Maybe even a couple of 160XT's?

In any decision process like this, I've always made sure I got at least two of whatever it is. That way, you've either got a back-up or you can do the 2-bus/stereo thing.

Happy buying! - Of course, since it's EXTRA buck$, you could always make the check payable to me! :twisted:


saemskin Fri, 04/28/2006 - 08:12
Buzzerd wrote: Dump those 3630's on ebay and buy you a stereo and a single TC Electronics Triple C. Amazing product for the price. This would be my suggestion. Good Luck either way you decide.

gotta disagree. A multiband for general use is a recipe for disaster. Pick up a mid-range dbx unit or and RNC and you'll be fine.
definitely dump the 3630 though, the Midiverb too and pick up a TC M-One. You will have a marked change in quality if you upgrade these things.

Keep in the back of your mind that if you dont "hear" that you need something better, then you dont.

saemskin Fri, 04/28/2006 - 17:08
lets expound on that a bit. The M-One is well known to be among the best "low-end" fx processor. Pitting it against a similar price/feature point processor would bring up the Lexicon MPX-1 and the Kurzweil Mangler. Equally nice units, but anything lesser is rather worthless when you can get free vst's to sound better. cough *midiverb*. .

AudioGaff Fri, 04/28/2006 - 22:14
I am going to give you and anyone else that is reading this and in the same boat as you some tough love here. You have more than enough gear already to make good recordings. I would strongly suggest before you spend one more dollar on anything that you focus on the most over looked link in a weak chain. And that is your recording skills. Master the skills of using and getting the most out of the gear that you have now, then upgrade when you have the experience and education to know what you need, and then you won't have rely on asking a bunch of wankers to make decisions for you...

saemskin Sat, 04/29/2006 - 11:21
furthermore, I have owned a Midiverb III for awhile and the fx are very low-brow and murky. They are far from crisp or anything one could ever call listenable. So whether or not the guy knows how to use it to its potential is irrelevant to the fact that getting rid of it is in his best interest. the LFX-1310 (free plugin) stomps all over it in terms of quality.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 05/11/2006 - 08:01
Back again,
I thank you all for your replies and your tough love. I totally forgot to explain that I was only using the cough *midiverb* to sweeten up the monitor mix for the live players. NOT being recorded into SX. I picked up a RNC and probably will get a RNP soon. The mic/pre/comp/A-D chain is really what my biggest concern is. Again thanks for the info. and I'll be checking into the rest of the suggestions. I have recorded 4 albums in the past of my own and been involved as a player on others. This is just the culmination of my dream of having my own workspace. I look forward to posting piccies of my new room soon as its done 1-2 mos.