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Optical In Questions about the XV-5050 & Digi 003

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I am currently using Pro Tools LE 7.4 with a Digi 003 on a Mac Pro (2.66ghz quad; 4GB Ram).

My was using a Roland XV-88 but found that it's hum and buzz was intolerable, so I bought the XV-5050 which has all the same sounds, but an optical out.

Before I set out on my current project I need some answers to the following questions:

- if i set the Digi 003's clock to Optical when recording from the Optical in, do I have to set the clock to Optical for all the other tracks in the same session too? What are the reprecussions of this, if any?

- - is it possible to adjust the optical gain going into the digi 003? Some of the patches I play just aren't loud enough.

- Pro Tools is only letting my tracks from the optical in be stereo tracks. Is there a way to ammend this?

- how do you turn a stereo track into a mono track?

- what is the proper way to pan a stereo track in the mix?


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Kev Fri, 06/20/2008 - 04:18
the external clock is global
the whole of the 003 and PT will slave to the external optical clock

the optical is a digital connection and so the signal level comming in be as it left the source unit XV-5050

welcome to audiio level in synths
nothing has every changed here
digital or analog
patch levels can be all over the place
try to deal with levels at the synth
adding gain in the digital domain will also bring the underlying noise with it

you should be able to set up mono track with a single channel as a source
many of your patches will be stereo

you can bring in stereo and later bus to a mono and record that

there is NO proper way to pan a stereo track in the mix
that's all part of the art of mixing

listen to classic recordings and try to work out what they have done