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someone who knows about GT, MXL, Shure and Scheops!

So I'm recording a full length album of my band. Were a guitar, drums and vocal duo. we play on 1969 Slingerland drums, 20 inch kick, 12 inch tom, 16 inch floor tom, 14 inch acrolite Ludwig snane. Remo Powerstroke heads all around. The guitar amp is a Silvertone with a 1484 head and Silvertone solid state 100 watt cab with 2 12's. Playing a Kay Old Kraftsman hollow body with a Big Muff distortion pedal when needed.

Were have the chance to record at our high school in the practice rooms that have old sound pannels. i want to put the drums in a 15X10X9 room (thats an educated guess) miked with a Shure 57 overhead, 57 on the snare, a scheops 4884 room mike and a Shure Beta for the kick.

The guitar will be in a room half the size as the one the drums are in. I
dont know if its a good idea to close mike it with a Groove Tube GT57 and
room mike it with an MXL 993.

I want to run the vocals through a Princeton 90 amp with reverb on it (Real spring reverb). I would sing through an MXL 990 and mike the amp with a 960 or a 990.

The mikes the i have access to are:
2- Shure 57s (or 2 more at least)
2 - MXL 990
1 - MXL 993
1 - 960
1 - GT57
1 - Scheops 4884

Im recording on a Tascam 48 8 track reel-to-reel through a Mackie mixer.

In conclusion, I'm looking for other ways to do this. Suggests on miking in general or what mikes to use would be lovely. Were looking for a big sound or a live 'sound' for the record. Ive beening doing sound for 3 years now and have quiet a bit of experience for my age but ive had trouble with recording this band. IDEAS! please!



moonbaby Wed, 02/21/2007 - 11:15
Schleps :lol:
Are you wanting to run the vocals through the Fender amp to have the "luxury" of a "real spring reverb"? You aren't planning on plugging the vocal mic INTO the amp, are you? There are a couple of problems doing this. #1, doesn't that MXL mic need phantom power? Ain't never seen THAT on a Fender amp, nor does it have an XLR mic input. Nosirree.
What you CAN do is plug the vocal mic into the Mackie mixer, then run one of the Aux mixes from it to the geetar input on the amp, then mic the amp up (use a 57 here). Try not to mix the return from the mic on the amp back into the same Aux mix going to the amp. Not good.
As to the mics, the GT will be fine on that amp. I had a couple of those old Silvertone amps back in the early 70s, they are a classic. And I have a GT SC5 condenser that has made a great amp and room mic for many years. Try this: use the GT as a room mic on the cab. Put 1 of your 2 57s on the cab, close in.
For the drums, the 57 on the snare is an obvious one. Which Beta for the kick-the 52?. You won't hurt the 990 on that, and you may like its' fatness there.And while there are those out there who use a 57 on OH's, fine, but I find them too 'boxy-sounding' there. Try the MXL 993 instead.
This still leaves you with another 990 and the 960 for vocals and/or a room mic on the kit. the possibilities are endless. Good luck!

Tuck Wed, 02/21/2007 - 20:35
sorry i spelled wrong!
and i didnt explain myself very well. I want to use the amp for vocals for the reverb and so it sound like its going through an amp. I was going to run the mike through a phantom power box and all of that. recording vocals straight in doesnt sound right with this band. i dont know what it is. its to clean and were a trash garage band. Im going for the white stripes first album (self titled) kind of sound. I cant get over it. its perfect for this kind of duo i think.