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Soundelux iFET7

What are your thoughts on this mic?

Im looking at it and the Soundelux U99 and the Soundelux E251C. I have a Neumann TLM103 and am looking for a better mic. Is the iFET7 good or should I just move up to one of the others?

I'll be running it through an Avalon 737sp and will eventually be getting a Vintech 1073

Thanks for your thoughts :)


Davedog Sun, 08/06/2006 - 09:45
Again its going to be a toss-up. All of your choices are going to give you things the 103 cannot. The U99 is clearly the most versatile in the fact that it has multi patterns continuously variable. This is the flagship of versatility in David's line. The 251C is a godly thing. Everything sounds like you're standing in the room with it. I believe it was voiced as a vocal mic but there are no rules in recording. The U195 is the best value mic in its class. There are only a couple of mics that come close to this at that price. Dont discount the iFET. The two sets of voicings via different preamps is a great idea. I have an old U87 and this is the sound on many many recordings from the 70's and 80's. I believe they have replicated this in the "V' setting of the iFET. The 'other' sound is the FET U47 and the other half of the iFET is voiced like this mic.

Really, you cant go wrong with any of these mics. You have the preamps covered and you will be amazed at what you've been missing when you hear ANY of the Soundelux mics.

Not a shill....just facts.

Dont forget looking into the Brauner line too. Theres great stuff there.