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Elux 251

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I just got a Soundelux Elux 251 and must say it rocks. It seems a little clearer than and old Elam, but definitely sounds like its from the Elam family. I was curious what changes to the amplifier design Mr. Bock made to make the mic sound like it does. Also might I suggest that the totally bitchin' flight case be sent with a wrist cuff and a pair of aviator glasses, just to make everyone think you're really carrying top secret information in there.



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dbock Wed, 06/20/2001 - 13:07
Glad to hear you like our 251. We increased the cathode bypass cap value, as well as the grid resisors. This increases low frequencies (compared to the original circuit). We also removed the HF rolloff cap (which worked above 16k), and use a film output cap, which is bypassed with another smaller film cap, which improves HF performance. The internal wire is all new as well, and hasn't had 40 years to oxidize and create little diodes, which "influence" the sound. The transformer is the same spec but from a different vendor.
Otherwise, it's all just like the original.