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StagePas 300 to Olympus LS-10 - Direct Recording


I use an Olympus LS-10 http://www.wingfiel… to record an Yamaha StagePas 300 output during our singing club sessions and I currently do this using the remote control and the Olympus twin microphones on the LS-10 unit itself but I am sure this isn't the best way.

What I would like to do is connect the StagePas 300 directly to the Olympus LS-10 and record that way.

Alternatively I would like to connect the StagePas 300 directly to a recording program running on one of my Windows PCs (running either Windows 7 or 8.1) as I use Audacity to edit the recordings after each session and recording directly to a PC would save a step.

Any thoughts on which is the best way?

If any one taking the trouble to respond could start from a very basic introductory level I would be grateful. This would include which ports to plug which cable in, what settings to set, any software I would need and so on.

Hope to hear and thanks for reading.



Boswell Tue, 10/22/2013 - 09:12

The two main things you have to do are (1) use either the recording or the monitor outputs of the Stagepas 300 and (2) take these to an external audio interface that connects to the PC via USB or FireWire in order to avoid using the PC's built-in soundcard.

If you are not too worried about sound quality but just want something much better than audio recording of the Stagepas loudspeakers, then a simple USB audio input device would work, an example of which the Numark Stereo IO http://www.maplin.c… , available from Maplins. To connect to the interface to the Stagepas you would need either a stereo phono-phono cable (RCA-RCA) or a dual 1/4" mono jack to twin phono (RCA) lead. The first one takes the mixed signal out of the Stagepas with no separate amplitude control and the second takes the monitor outputs through the separate amplitude control. I would recommend the second method, as most of the lower-cost interface units do not have input gain controls to adjust the recording level.

You can doubtless find other interface units besides the Numark, many of them ridiculously cheap, but since you have to be slightly careful about the specifications and/or the manufacturer, I would recommend you come back to us here for comments before buying.

Boswell Wed, 10/23/2013 - 08:52

Yes, that would work just as well as the simple units I mentioned. You would need a pair of TS (mono) 1/4" jack-jack cables or else phono (RCA) - jack cables. You could use the phono (RCA) outputs on the Stagepas rather than the monitor outputs as the M-Audio box has input level controls. It's a bit ungainly having one line input on the front and one on the rear of the M-Audio box, but at least the channel gain knobs are both on the front and both operate for line-level inputs.