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which studio sound mixer is best..

tell me what studio mixer is the best to buy now and its worth buying it. .


moonbaby Tue, 08/15/2006 - 13:01

Tell ya tell me what car to buy, and I'll tell ya what mixer to buy :wink:
Seriously, there are sooooooooo many variables that will affect your decision, this is a pointless question. Do some homework and figure out how many tracks you'll be recording, how many mics that you'll use at one time (a singer/guitarist or a 12-piece big band, for example), whether you want to do live sound in addition to recording, the merits of analog vs digital, recording medium, and budget (I think you should buy an SSL9000...that will be $950K, please!). When you get that pared down a bit, get back with us, OK?




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